Rhys is the Long Lost True King of the Britons (Celts)

If you don’t already know it, I’m really, really obsessed with medieval history, especially Welsh history and Arthurian lore. How I studied the lineages, how I studied the migrations, how I studied the prophecies of the true King of the Brits (clue: it’s not the English monarchy, nor has ever been, but that’s a different history lecture).

I’m part Welsh, but I also have Scottish lineage. Justin has Irish and Scottish. But, this blood isn’t really all that prevalent in either of our bodies. Our Celtic blood is about 5% or so of our makeup. But, Rhys (which is a Welsh name!!) would have blood of the Celts (as well as the invading Danes and vikings from me and the even worse invading Normans from Justin–hence the French-English last name “Morrell”, which means “moor” or “darkskinned”–we are still confused on that–did Justin have a really tan ancestor during William I’s reign?)

Well, as Mormons, we are also huge into family history. The LDS Church hosts familysearch.com (as well as ancestry.com). During the Sunday School hour, sometimes we like to go t the family history center and do family history. One day, we got to looking to see how far back our family trees go…mine only a few hundred years. But, Justin found a branch that kept going, and going, and going, and going….

Until he saw these names, which sounded familiar, and Welsh to him, so he showed me. And, I freaked out in joy!!!

Justin’s lineage comes through Mordred, the son of King Arthur that led to the downfall of Camelot and Arthur’s death! Now, before you say Arthur doesn’t exist, remember, I’m a historian…a medieval/Dark Ages historian. There is plenty of proof that “an” Arthur existed in Wales. He was a Welsh king/general that fought off the Saxons, that united the Britons after the Romans left, etc., etc. Now, whether or not he had the strength of a bear, had a wizard full of magic as an adviser, had a magical sword, and all that other mythical stuff is to be taken with a grain of salt. But, the fact remains, these are still remnants of historical figures. 
I was so thrilled to know that although I may not be a descendant of Arthur and my Celtic blood runs stronger through my body than Justin’s does and rules me more, my son, my baby boy, my first born, Rhys (and the rest of my posterity) would be related to King Arthur! I couldn’t ask for anything more for my children!
I clicked on Uther’s (Arthur’s father) lineage to look farther, and I started seeing Welsh legendary kings that I researched in Welsh prophetic poetry for my bachelor’s capstone paper!
We decided to explore this Celtic genealogy of Justin’s a bit more. We found a lot of Irish dark age royalty, Saxon/Danish royalty,  Scottish royalty (including King Duncan from Macbeth–and again, those were real people as it is a history that Shakespeare embellished), and more Welsh people, including nobles. Under his belt, Justin was the descendant of Welsh Kings, the King of Anglesey, the King of the Isle of Man, Scottish Kings, and Irish Kings, as well as even being related to Norman-English nobility (which makes sense since the first ancestors he has with the last name of Morrell appear in England around 1066).

So, all the stories I was going to raise Rhys with of Welsh heroes and princes, Arthur’s court, and other medieval and dark age figures have an even stronger meaning now, since Rhys is their descendant. And, based on all the prophetic poetry of the Welsh (and Merlin and dark age/medieval historians), one of ancient Celtic royalty will one day rise up with the Britons need him the most and reunite them under his crown….
Who knows? That could be my baby boy’s destiny *wink wink* #ifonly #butreally #iknewtherewasareasonimarriedmyhusband

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Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • This is seriously cool. King Rhys!

  • Thanks! He'll definitely know about his Welsh heritage growing up!

  • Montserrat Wadsworth

    My teen girls have been having a blast seeing how far back they can go on all their family lines. They have been keeping a list of all the countries their ancestors have ruled.

    We too are related to Arthur through his half-sister, Morgause. My kids love the BBC series Merlin so when this discovery was made they were all thrilled.

    Have you done DNA testing? That has been super interesting and opened up several doors or at least answered questions about why some of our genealogy lines completely stopped.

  • This is amazing–related to King Arthur…wow!! That's such an great piece of history to know! I've always loved genealogy as well and the husband and I have both researched our families back to Ireland and France!

  • Whoa so cool! My cousin traced our lineage back to Pocahontas who married into our English line. So awesome to know your heritage!! I'm welsh as well, maybe I'm related to Aurther too!

  • Integrated Learning Strategies

    This is awesome! I think that is so cool the relation to King Arthur. Genealogy is truly amazing. My Dad is the first member of his family so we are just beginning his line. I'm excited to see what's in store when we start getting back as far as you have.

  • Hey this is really cool, I've always wanted to know more about our heritage so maybe this was the inspiration I needed. & how awesome for your sweet boy for as he grows to hear this story!

  • Hey, that's pretty cool to discover, especially given your long-standing interest in the history of that part of the world! I readily admit that my knowledge of the history of the British Isles is sketchy, at best. History of China, on the other hand, that was my area of interest. 🙂 I know a little bit of my family history, approximately when some of the folks immigrated to the USA, the names of some great- and great-great grandparents, and where some family graves are, along with various family stories–on my mom's father's side, we're descended from coal miners. 🙂 Angel knows basically nothing about his history–he only has one living grandparent, all of the others passed away many years ago, and he doesn't even know their names. He thinks there's a little Spanish blood on his Mom's side, but for the most part, they believe that their family is descended from the indigenous peoples of Mexico.

  • I have not..they're expensive. But, when we have the budget, I really want to. I've wanted to since college!

  • How far back were you able to go?

  • Genealogy is so much fun! You will have blast discovering your past!

  • Thanks! I'm a huge proponent of family history and genealogy, so I'm glad it acted as inspiration!

  • That's cool that he's descendant from the indigenous Mexicans. In my religion, we actually believe that the Mayans, Incans, Aztecs, Olmecs, etc in that area of the world were descendants from the people in the Book of Mormon, who are directly in the Manasseh tribe of Israel! If your family is descended from coal miners, you might have Welsh in you, too!

  • Montserrat Wadsworth

    They are about $100. My husband and I did ours for Christmas 2 years ago and then got our three oldest DNA kits last Christmas. We'll get a couple of our kids DNA kits every Christmas until they eventually all get one. It is really amazing to see exactly where your genes come from!

  • Very cool!!! I have quite a bit of Scottish, And that would be fun to track down more!

  • That is so cool!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    What a cool discovery! And how awesome that you know so much about your lineage!

  • So cool! I love looking at genealogy. My mother's side was traced back to the Queen of Norway….so technically I'm probably about 4,734th in line for the throne? Oh well, a girl can dream! It's fun to know where we came from!


  • Thanks! I can't wait to explore it even more!

  • Family History is so much fun, I think!

  • That is really cool! There was actually an LDS-run Facebook app that would connect to ancestry.com and show you what famous people and royalty you were related to. I can't remember what it was called, though.

  • Sooooooo neat!!! I can hear the excitement through reading your words. I still haven't gone far enough back in my genealogy to find when/how we ended up in America. I look forward to that.. I'm related to Mark Twain and George Bush, that's all I know for now haha 😊