Rhys’s Fun-Filled Weekend

Rhys is teething. Badly. Half the time, he wants anything and everything in his mouth, and half the time, he wants nothing near his mouth. He has upset stomach and diapers, snotty nose, and has sometimes had a grumpy disposition. His bottom gum is very white, and yet, we still can’t see any tooth!

So, he got a little spoiled this week.

Thursday, he got to spend the evening with his grandma and grampa who he loves. He ate and ate and ate like a pig–rice cereal, teething biscuits, bottles…, chased the puppies around, and had a bath in the big sink.

Friday, he went to his first party–a birthday party for one of his best buddies from church, Jack. Rhys is a very social boy–he loves talking and playing with others, no matter their age. Now, Rhys is 7 months and in the 10th percentile…Jack is 1 years old and in the 98th percentile! But, Rhys wasn’t afraid to just be a boy and play on him!

Rhys has another best friend, Liam. Justin and Liam’s dad work together on the same calling in church, so Liam and Rhys have plenty of time to play with each other at church. Liam is also a year old, tall, and bigger than Rhys. But, again, Rhys isn’t afraid and acts like he is Liam’s size.

Saturday, we took advantage of the good weather and went to the park. I was surprised that Rhys didn’t have an adverse reaction to the texture of mulch or grass like most babies do. Instead, he went right to work tearing at it, grabbing big handfuls, and trying to stuff it in his mouth!

I love that the pacy stays in, even with spit-up!

As soon as I saw this, I immediately took them out of his hand and spooned them out of his mouth!
Why yes, he is standing up all by himself!
Rhys absolutely loves the outdoors–he’ll just be super quiet and look every where possible. Never a whine or fuss while we are outside. Never.

Look at those blue eyes! Gorgeous!

And yes, he did try to eat the blue bar!
First picture was of spit-up. Last picture is of just drool. Silly boy!

Rhys is also working on pulling himself up to his knees and feet. Seriously! This boy just barely learned to crawl and sit himself up! He’s growing up way too fast! Silly boy is also giving us a run for our money trying to touch the fire place, climbing into cabinets, and other rugrat antics! We love him so very much!

He was trying to get into the chair himself!

 Sorry for some bad photos. The park ones were taken with my DSLR, the rest were taken with my old iPhone 4.

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  1. Poor baby, teething is just the worst! He is so cute and looks like a perfect mix of the two of you! I wish we had more little kids in our area. We moved into a neighborhood with lots of older families which has its own perks, but I keep praying that one of these houses for sale will be bought by a young family!

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