Book Review | Silas Marner

This is a story about a good man who is a weaver. He was framed by his best friend in stealing a dying man’s money. Silas then left town and started a new life in a new town where things were a lot different. He was distant and cold, he had given up on faith and socialization. The squire’s son stole his money one night. A few nights later, the other son of the squire hosted a party–he was trying to impress a woman he wanted to marry (however, unbeknownst to everyone, he was already married to an opium addict). This woman came to town with the intention of embarrassing her estranged husband by producing his child, but died instead. The child crawled into Silas’s hut and he took it as a sign. Silas grew to love the child and raised her as his own. The entire village helped and they began to respect Silas and he began to open up. 
I actually really liked this book. George Eliot (aka Mary Ann Evans). I came to love Silas, the poor man. I started out liking Godfrey but ended up hating him, thinking him pathetic and unworthy. My favorite character was Dolly. She was a mother of many kids and was always open-hearted and kind to Silas. She became Eppie’s god-mother and helped Silas learn how to raise her. She never said an ill-word and always had advice to give. I also really liked Nancy. She married Godfrey and felt terrible that in the 15 years of their marriage, she only gave birth once, but to a still born. And yet, she was as good a wife as she could be. Even when Godfrey opens up about his first opium-addicted wife and Eppie actually being his daughter, she was very patient and understanding.
Eppie was very much like Perdita from Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. She is the symbol of innocence and light, life and happiness. She can change how others view themselves and allow relationships to flow. She loves flowers and gardens. It is the exact same in both of them.
I would give this book a 3.5 out of 5.

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