So What Wednesdays…So It Begins

Today I am linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew with her “So What Wednesdays.”

So What Wednesday

So what if …

~ I am writing this post at 12:47am this Wednesday…I just can’t sleep.

~I have an MRI at 8am today for a “sprained LCL” on my right knee that I received at work the last week of January!

~ I haven’t cleaned the house even though I’m home almost all day long.

~ I am working at Subway for the summer even if Justin has a job and I get teacher paycheck all summer long.

~ I’ve been lacking in social media and pictures…I had a full-time job, now it’s summer..I’m allowed a few days of optimal laziness (which this staying up after midnight is not going to help me get over)

~ the weather is still cool in Utah compared to the last few summers. I like it not scorching hot.

~I’m struggling with new posts for this blog. But that’s ok, because Bonnie and a team of awesome ladies will help me with that later this month at the Monthly Blogger Roundtable!

~ my manager at Subway just said my sister can replace me in August when I go back to teaching and she comes to Provo for college. She’s worked at a Subway since like October and I’m just an awesome employee and have gotten many people (including my sister twice, now thrice) a job just by saying I know them.

~ I can’t really think about anything else to write…after all, it’s now 12:57am and it’s been quite a boring week.

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