Students Write the Darndest Things Link up!

Junior high students have some wonderful ideas, albeit sometimes not transmitted well into the written word. This makes it really funny to read their writings and is probably my favorite part of grading (aka the only part that makes it bearable!)

Like, there was this one time I had them write on responsibilities and rights of citizens of the U.S.
Or the time they wrote time travel diaries about events in the Old West.
As well as other funny, random writings.

Well, now that school has been going for a month and I finally feel like my head is above the water, I started searching for these gold gems again. And I’ve started to find them. But, I know that numerous of you are teachers as well and find a wonderful trove of hilarity and deepness. So, that is why I am introduced this new linkup:

Students Write the Darndest Things
Students Write the Darndest Things

The rules:
Mention your name and your blog. What subject and age/grade you teach. What assignment these “quotes” are from.
Write down funny, silly, “no-duh”, wonderful, inspiring, deep things your students say. Don’t use any student names. It doesn’t have to be long at all. There can be any number of quotes!

Link up is every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in co-hosting, let me know!

Here are some of my students’ writings!

First of all, one day last week, we practiced writing paragraphs that compared and contrasted. Our prompt was given to us by my class of six 9th graders. We were to compare and contrast Plankton and Mr. Krabs (from Spongebob Squarepants). These paragraphs were hilarious, but they got the idea!

My 7th graders are reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck. Kino is part of an indigenous tribe in Baja California. This tribe has a special musical culture. Everything is described as a song (The Song of Family=his baby cooing and his wife making breakfast. The Song of Evil=scorpion about to poison his baby.) So, we talked about how music influences us.  Here are some examples:

~Most music can affect people in more ways than one, and they can symbolize more than one thing. Like my Song of Evil would be things that can hurt me, like homework.
~ I listen to dub-step. It tells me stories in the rhythm and melody. It could either be a crazy party or a morning sunrise.
~ Music is important to me because when I’m sad or angry in playing videogames and I need a little music to turn on to inspire me to kill more zombies in Black Ops or something. (one of my female students wrote this! shocked me and made me laugh and do a fist-pump that I’m not the only female gamer)
~ Courtney inspires us to go camping and go to school.

Dub-step as a morning sunrise? That’s a bit of a stretch for my imagination…but hey, who knows, it may be that inspiring to my student!
I also asked them what they would do if they had the Pearl:

~ If I had the pearl I would tie one end of a string to the pearl and the other to my hand then I would thrown the pearl at people and it would come back to me.
~ If I had the pearl, I would pay for my mission then college then tithing and then I’d rub it in my brothers’ faces.

Some of them have high aspirations, huh?


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