Students Write the Darndest Things…if my work computer hadn’t died a death.

I had such great tales to tell you from all grades. It was the end of the term. There was such assignments that would be so perfect to search for good quotes…but no. No, no, no. The universe didn’t want me to do another Students Write the Darndest Things.
It all happened on Friday. Teacher work day. I had a mountain load to grade the night before. I didn’t mind being a bit overloaded because it was a gold mind for quotes. I found a lot of quotes and saved them on my work laptop (where I did the grading).
The next morning, when I got to work, I had to submit the grades for the report cards. I turned my work (old) Apple laptop on and headed to the website where I enter my grades. It started to load my website, then the internet froze. I decided to open up Word to work on some lesson plans while waiting for the website to cooperate. Then, there was this weird noise that the laptop had never ever made before. And everything froze. So, I shut it off and restarted. It wasn’t loading the sign-in page. It just had a bluish screen with a folder and a question mark. What!?!?! 
I tried restarting it again. This time unplugging it and replugging it. Nope. Then, I took it to the front office. Our computer specialist took out the battery, but that didn’t work either and the noise it was making was much larger then before. The same blue screen of Mac-death appeared again. She said the hard drive died . Great. Great. Great.
Not only did I not have quotes for my bi-weekly post, but I’d have to find another computer to submit grades and prep lessons. But more than that…EVERY SINGLE LESSON PLAN/UNIT PLAN I made this semester was on that harddrive because no one showed me how to save to the shared drive!
But, I was able to salvage two quotes:
The first is from my 7th graders’ test on the horror genre (Tell-Tale Heart, Monkey’s Paw, and the Most Dangerous Game). The question was: Explain the horror theme of “things are not always as they appear.”
The answer: Let’s say monkey looked all nice in the middle of the street. you go up to the monkey and it bites your head off.
Then today, I had my students make SMART goals for Term 3 (SMART goals is all the rage at NPA). One of my 9th graders wrote: “to have a legitimate goal for 3rd term.” Haha.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Oh no!! That is definitely the saddest kind of computer nightmare!

  • Pooey about your laptop! I've experienced the doomed hard-drive fail many times and it SUCKS.

    • I've always been told that Macs didn't die like HPs or Dells and didn't have the blue screen of death–apparently I was lied to

  • NOOOO! WAIT! all hope MIGHT not be lost!!! that crazy flashing question mark folder happened to my computer a few weeks ago and I was FREAKING OUT!! i followed the steps on this website and IT WORKED! Everything was restored and I haven't had any problems since!! AT LEAST try it!!! I HOPE it works!!!