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Full on Friday | March 25

This week went by very quickly. I can’t believe it! The days are beginning to mold together. I mean, I can’t really even remember what happened last week! But, here’s to another Full on Friday!


Rhys is just the light of my life right now. He is such a good boy and a trooper! I love playing with him, reading to him, watching movies with him, exploring with him, and running errands with him! He is such good boy!

The weather has been getting warmer, so Rhys has been enjoying playing outside in the backyard a whole lot more. I am so happy that my parents have a fenced-in backyard. I can put on his jacket, and let him run crazy outside with the dogs while I am reading inside, watching out the window.

I’m really enjoying reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Doesn’t Stop Talkingfor Bonnie’s bookclub this month. And, I am coming to grips that I truly, truly am an introvert.

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Justin and I finished How I Met Your Mother for maybe the 4th or 5th time this week. And now we don’t know what to focus on, since our shows are done for the season.

I bought Rhys’s Easter outfit, and I LOOOVE it! We went to Target, and I found the fedora. They had matching outfits, but NONE in Rhys’s size. So, I bought the fedora, than went to Old Navy, H&M, Gap Baby, and Gymboree. Nothing really matched! But then, about to give up, I went to Crazy 8, and they had exactly what I wanted: a solid colored shirt that matched the fedora, a vest, a bowtie, and loafers that all matched! I was so happy for that small piece of grace! And, then the Easter stuff was half off and the entire store was on sale for $12.99 or less, and the only other customer in the store had an extra coupon! Blessings upon me! I am so stoked about this outfit! Rhys is going to be the most dapper little boy ever on Sunday!

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We have discovered that Rhys is afraid of the dark. He has a music machine that also lights up. It helps to put him to sleep, and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he’ll quietly turn it back on and fall back asleep. However, when the batteries are dying, the music still plays, but it won’t light up. This happened last week, and he had such a hard time falling back asleep or even initially going to sleep until we began to leave his door open with the hall light on. We now have new batteries in his music machine, but we always reassure him and keep the hall light on.

I tried to make potato chip crusted fish last night, but the crust almost entirely fell off. #fail

I have been having more down days recently. Recovering from depression is hard, guys.

Spring in Utah is stupid. It’ll warm up very quickly, then snow, then be cold again. So, I’m not running a lot right now and it annoys me.

I failed in my sugar fast.

I didn’t really take any pictures of our normal, everyday lives the past two weeks…

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