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Discover June Goals

Discover June Goals. What are your goals this month?

May got away from me. After a major plateau, and even a little hill in weight loss gain, a bad bout of depression and anxiety spurred by a new birth control, a daughter who is struggling to sleep through the night, and a son who is potty trained completely only when he isn’t wearing underwear, I struggled. Bad. Exercising fell off the radar, as did any motivation and most of my participation in Church. Most days were spent on the couch, letting the Wii-U and TV reign supreme, ordering out for lunch, struggling to somewhat clean the house before Justin came home, falling behind in blogging and freelancing, and wth a frown on my face.

I’m embarrassed to say that I really didn’t get any of goals from May done. I fell into such a funk and I let the funk rule over me. After Memorial Day weekend, I was determined to start fresh–clean house, clean mind, on top of things, positive and healthy. That last all of Memorial Day. Then, I decided to start fresh on June 1st. Lasted only a day. I want to start fresh today, but the house isn’t clean, dishes aren’t done, none of my blog posts or freelancing is done for this week–I always seem to play catch up and never can stay ahead.

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