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I Already Want Another 3-Day Weekend

I guess it is that mid-semester slump. I am already wanting another 3-Day weekend and I still have a few hours left with this one.

I am a type-A personality…busy, busy, busy. And with my parents’ genes, it’s not a good combo: anxiety as well as a need to be productive. I get antsy when I am not doing something. So, when I actually lay back and relax, the feeling is so nice, I don’t want it to leave.

Just like this weekend. I finished all my grading and lesson planning on Friday ad scrubbed our apartment on Saturday, so Justin and I could enjoy the weekend at my parents’ house.

Saturday was relaxing: visiting and catching up with siblings, grocery shopping with my mom (one of my favorite kinds of outings with her), and video games.

My sisters Madison and Paige (and me). 
Sunday was a great day, except for the part where I was nauseous all day long and my stomach felt like it wanted to murder me. (I wasn’t sick, no fever, no symptoms…just no appetite and nausea–not fun.) It was a special day on Sunday, though. My brother Bobby, who just turned 16, was going to be ordained a priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
After church, my mom’s side of the family came over to see the ordination, as well as celebrate 4 birthdays. My Aunt Wendy’s and mine were on the 10th, cousin Jordan’s on the 12th, and Bob’s on the 13th. So, we each had our own birthday pie to make a wish on. And the weirdest thing was I had absolutely no idea what to wish for. Every single birthday I’ve ever had, I’ve wished for something, but this year, I didn’t. I was a little let down by myself, and a little confused. Does that mean I’m just growing-up, or is it a good thing since I am not in need?
Jordan: Caramel-Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie. Bobby: Banana-Creme Pie. Me: Razzleberry Pie. Wendy: Chocolate Mousse Pie. (Picture taken by Mom–thanks!)
Sad thing again: because of the nausea, I was only able to have 2 small bites of the razzleberry pie.
Later that night, Justin, Bobby, and I broke out the Super Smash Brothers. We played for about an hour, killing each other and laughing at silly self-destructs and the misfortune that Random Characters gave us. Then, Bobby and I felt it necessary to induct Justin into the epic-ness that is Lord of the Rings risk. 
Now, here is the thing: I typically get tired at about 8:30-9:30 pm. This was 11pm. Everyone else had gone to sleep. I wasn’t tired. I was excited. We turned on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and let the epic game begin.
See how intense the game is!?!?!? There was some major strategizing going on!
Interesting thing about Lord of the Rings Risk: it ends when the ring makes it from Hobbiton to Mount Doom, regardless of if there was world domination. So, it turned out to be a pretty even game, with Bobby barely winning. The game ended at 2AM and I was tired. That was the absolute latest I had stayed up for about a year! 
Today was a free laundry day! (Another great thing about going home for the weekends.) I also got a haircut!
Short and curly and bangs! =)
I love my new hair cut! It looks cute and sexy, playful yet sophisticated! And mom said, “Now you look like a teacher!” Yaay!
Boo! I have to go to school tomorrow…another 3 day weekend please?

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