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Happy 4th of July (Throwback Thursdays)

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Happy 4th of July, everyone! Today I am linking up with Bonnie for another Throwback Thursday!

My favorite 4th of July was in 2002. My family decided to go visit Niagara Falls. We went for the first week of July, but on the Canadian side. We exchanged our money, and as a 12 year old, the concept of changing American dollars, quarters, and dimes to Canadian dollars, quarters, and dimes didn’t make since. It was the same money, but it was different worths! While we were in Canadian Niagara Falls, we went on a boat to right up to the falls and got completely soaked through, even though we had rain jackets on. We also went to a funhouse.

What was really cool about our Independence Day in Canada, was that we got two Independence Day’s! Canada’s in on July 1st. So, we set up a blanket and treats over the falls and watch Canadian fireworks at at night! Then, for the 4th, we traveled back down to New York. We stayed with some family friends and went to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant. We then saw American New York fireworks on the 4th!

My second favorite was in 2011. I went home to Apple Valley, CA for the summer. This city is also called the High Desert because there are mountains all around. So, we jeeped up the mountain and found some remote spot at the edge of town, looking down over the valley. Now, Apple Valley was part of a tri-city area: Apple Valley, Victorville, and Hisperia. So, we were able to see three cities’s fireworks all the same time. It was amazing. But, what made it even more amazing was that we played a lot of games and talked while we waited and it was very relaxing and nice.

But, now, I think this is my 3rd favorite Independence Day, and it’s not even over yet! Justin’s parents (and sister Jana) are in Utah (from Georgia) for a couple of weeks, so we went down to Nephi to hang out with his family. Justin’s brother Jason and his wife Rachel have 3 kids who are adorable. As a big group, we decided to go down to Nephi’s festival. We had breakfast–eggs, ham, pancakes as big as your plate, and frozen orange juice cartons. We watched a quilt auction, and looked at silent auction items. Once the flag was raised, the fun began. We followed the three little kids around with Jason and Rachel as they played. There were inflatable obstacle courses and moon jumps, cart rides, and other fun games. It soon got really hot, and we started to get really tired, so we went down to Mount Pleasant and ate at a Mexican food hole-in-the-wall called Juanitas. We stopped by my in-laws house they bought in preparation of retired, then came back up to watch my niece Natalie dance at the festival. But, it started to rain, so my straightened hair, which was already curling due to the humidity, curled even more. But, by the time Natalie’s group got on stage, it stopped and turned super hot and sunny again. Natalie was adorable and just like her uncle Justin in clogging! We gorged ourselves on scones, watermelon, salt water taffey, and sno cones.

Natalie, Zach and I playing with bows and arrows.

Little Brady trying to push Aunt Jana

Zach and Brady getting all patriotic!

Brady, Zach, and Natalie crushing the obstacle course!

We rested at home, watched Tangled, and made all the boys do hula hoops for us, bribing them with salt water taffey. It was hilarious! We are about to eat a good dinner and are waiting patiently for dusk to fall so we can go watch and do fireworks! Keep an eye out for Instagrams on them!

This will be a fun weekend! Justin and I have to return to Provo tomorrow for work, but will be back in Nephi at night and another of his sisters will be in town! Saturday, little 8 year old Natalie is getting officially baptized into our church–The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Can’t wait!

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