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Reading Roundup | April 2017

Reading Roundup April 2017: Book reviews for Everland by Wendy Spinali and The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

So much for focusing on my bookshelves for the reading roundup. Haha. Last time we went to the library to get books for Rhys, I decided out of the blue to look at the YA novels to see if anything caught my eyes. A few things did, so I grabbed them. Plus, I had to read a book for my church’s book club.

But, what surprised me, even more, is that Justin spent almost every night reading a biglong fantasy adventure book called Theft of Swords. He had wanted to read it for a long time–friends said he would love it. Many, many, many, many months ago, he bought it. Slowly, but surely he made his way through it, the majority being this month. I can’t tell you how sexy it was to see my husband who hates reading do nothing but read in the evening! My dream of having my husband and I read in bed together came true! He finished and now has bought the second book.

Just goes to show you, “The only people who don’t like reading are those who haven’t found the right book yet.” Continue Reading

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