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Bring It On, 2015!

Every year, I do resolutions. I keep with these pretty well until about mid-spring, then begin to forget. I’ve tried being specific, and I’ve tried being general. Neither have really worked. I’ve also used the excuse of being a busy college student or full-time worker. So, this year, I’m doing something different.

If you’ve followed this blog a while, you know that I love The Happiness Project and have wanted to do my own for a long time. Well, I’ve decided that this is the year to do it. But, before we get into that, let’s review this year’s resolutions…

Resolution #1 Improve in my daily scripture reading

I struggled with this the first half of the year. But, since Rhys was born, I’ve done great (except the past two weeks of vacation). I just use the first morning feeding–the peace and calm–to read and reflect.
Resolution #2 Continue blogging at least 4 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri, and on weekends)
For the most part, I’ve done pretty good with blogging at least 3 times a week…until busy weeks came up or when I was sick.
Resolution #3 Cook at least one new meal per month
I did really poorly with this because of the chaotic-ness of being pregnant, moving, teaching, and being a mommy.
Resolution #4 Read at least 1 book for myself each month
I read a few books this year for myself…definitely more than last year!
Goal #1 Have my baby in July and recover quickly
The birth went without a hitch! Although I feel like I physically recovered pretty well, my energy was significantly lagging.
Goal #2 After having the baby, get back to my regular weight
Umm…I lost half the pregnancy weight…but I still quite a bit to go. True, I’m currently the average weight for my height, but I miss my old weight.
Goal #3 Reach 200 followers on the blog (or at least 150!)
I wish! I tried–I networked, I redesigned, etc. etc. But, at least I’m over 100!

This year, I'm going to do my own happiness project and have monthly goals, rather than year-long resolutions.

My Word for 2015:
Motivation–This will require the word I had previously–patience. But, I have a lot of goals and hopes for this year. To be able to accomplish them all, I need to stay motivated. There will be different motivations–being a better mom, wife, Mormon, teacher, self, etc. I am doing this for myself. I am doing this for others. I want to improve and expand. I will have to remind myself each month why I am doing what I am doing. 
My Prerogative for 2015:
I want to become the woman I’ve always dreamed of being, the one everyone looks up to, the one that can only be complimented and have nice things said of her. I have plenty of examples: family members, friends, church members, blogger friends. I want to be more like them. And, as cliche as it sounds, I want to be this type of woman from Proverbs 31:10-31. I want this for myself, so I can be proud of what I’ve accomplished this year.
My Overall Goals for 2015:
1) I want to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and Mormon.
2) I want to end my last teaching year with a bang.
3) I want to improve my physical and mental/emotional health.
4) I want to have time for hobbies and talents, and create new ones.
So, without further ado, here are my monthly priorities and their sub-goals.
January–Grow My Blog
I want to seriously grow my blog. Not for income. I never expect to make anything over two-digits a year with the blog. But, out of pride and friendship, I want to. 
Sub Goals:
– Organize all my info with a planner, binder, spreadsheet (post calendar, groups, link-ups, sponsors, etc)
– Learn how to and implement scheduled posts on all my social media platforms
– Redo my Pinterest boards
– Be more active in blogging groups
– Reach out to bloggers and create 1 linkup and 1 giveaway
– Understand Google Analytics

February–Magnify My Religion
My religion has always been part of my life, but I want to be better and not take it for granted.
Sub Goals:
– Daily personal and family scripture reading with a scripture journal
– Daily personal morning and evening prayer, as well as daily family prayer
– Read an General Conference talk once a week
– Hold a full FHE every Monday
– Participate in church at least once every Sunday
– Find at least two times to perform charity or service to someone else

March–Improve My Health
Since the early fall, Rhys has been cranky when I would take him on runs, and then it got cold, and I got busy with school. I used that as an excuse to stop working out. I also because to excuse the quality and quantity of what I ate. No more.
Sub Goals:
– Run and exercise at least 5 times a week
– Try new types of exercise, such as kickboxing or yoga
– No sugar this month
– Try 1 new veggie recipe
– Try 1 paleo recipe
– 1 green smoothie a week

April–Learn My Camera
I got a Canon E05 T5 Rebel (at least, I think that’s its official name). I want to learn how to use it, as well as editing my photos.
Sub Goals: 
– Participate in (or even create!) a photo-a-day linkup on Instagram
– Do a fashion-post with my own photo skills
– Read all the manuals and watch all the instruction videos for my camera
– Explore picmonkey more and do the free-month trial

May–Sell My Lesson Plans
Every single unit I have taught, whether history or English, I have created a full-blown unit plan for (that’s just how I was taught, as well as being a Type-A). Well, most are on my computer, pretty unorganized, and a lot were lost when my school laptop died the blue death last year. So, I’m going to redo them and format them all professionally and upload them to my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. I’ve already sold a handful of lesson plans and projects, so I can’t wait to put my full unit plans on.
Sub Goals:
– Organize my classroom binders to make sure they have full copies before I leave
– Redo all my unit plans and format them into PDF’s
– Upload and update my shop

June–Organize My Home
It will have been almost a year since we’ve moved in. Rhys will almost be a year old. Seasons will have come and gone. I’ll need to reorganize a bit and will need to rescrub deeply!
Sub Goals:
– Deep scrub the entire house
– Organize all cupboards, dressers, closets
– Organize the household files
– Do a Deseret Industries (like Goodwill) run
– Reevaluate budget

July–Explore My City
There were a lot of things Justin and I never saw or did in Provo and we regret it. So, I want to explore Salt Lake County and get to know it’s history more.
Sub Goals:
– Go to the library once a week
– Have a picnic twice, in different locations
– Visit one new place (aquarium, park, museum, local restaurant, historic site) per week
– Visit the Community building and try to get involved
– Go to Bear Lake for the Morrell Family Reunion!!

August–Strengthen My Family
This month will be my 3rd anniversary. Rhys will also be 1 year old in July, and more cognitive.  I want to focus on my nuclear family. But, I also want to try my best to strengthen relationships with my parents siblings, in-laws, and other relatives.
Sub Goals:
– Plan a small anniversary
– A date a week (doesn’t have to be spending money)
– Visit the temple once with Justin
– Have sibling dates
– Have deep and honest conversations with my other relatives
– Do learning games/adventures/activities with Rhys every day

September–Hire Myself
Since I won’t be teaching after the first week of June, I still want to help earn some sort of an income–some play/date money for the family. I currently have one student I tutor on Saturdays–I want more. I also want to start selling something–maybe Scentsy. I think since I will have time, also learn more about and sign up for blogging campaigns and affiliate programs.
Sub Goals:
– Find a sell-from-home job and learn all there is about it
– Join blogging campaign sites and participate in campaigns
– Join affiliate sites and learn all there is to it
– Learn more about couponing and money-saving skills

October–Improve My DIY and Cooking Skills
I felt pretty impressive with DIY skills this December and I want to improve. I also want to explore more the recipes. So, this way, I can get ahead of the curve for December (and have a lot of posts to share for the Christmas season).
Sub Goals:
– Finish and mail off my ornaments for the Morrell Ornament Exchange
– Create a festive banner or decoration for the Fall season
– Create Rhys’s Halloween Costume
– Make a new recipe a week
– Handmake one new Christmas decoration

November–Write My Book (NaNoWriMo)
This month is NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month. The last time I participated in this was when I was in high school. So, I really want to this year and think I will have time, especially when Rhys is sleeping. But, you know what they say–you have to read a lot to be able to write well.
Sub Goals:
– Read and finish a book per week
– Complete NaNoWriMo

December–Enjoy My Holidays
I want to end the year on a good, enjoyable note. Rhys will also be old enough to begin to comprehend the season. So, I want to go all out.
Sub Goals:
– Buy and watch old Christmas movies with Rhys
– Do Elf on the Shelf with Rhys
– Decorate the house with the family
– Visit Temple Square and see the lights
– Post all my DIY stuff on the blog
– Do Christmas cooking with Rhys and make plates to give to neighbors
– Host a Christmas party

Now, just because a month is over doesn’t mean I’ll give up on and forget the previous goals. And just because the goal hasn’t come up in the year yet doesn’t mean I won’t try to work on it. But, this way, I have one main thing to focus on each month to improve myself and my life. These will also help me to have patience. I’m pretty excited for this year!
What are your goals or priorities for 2015?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

A Month of Confidence: House and Home

Welcome to the last week of a Month of Confidence!

Last week we focused on our jobs and hobbies.

I did great with school! I hardly had anything to bring home this week. I think the fact that my classes have been switched has been a big help! I used to teach the average-leveled 7th graders both literature and language arts. Now, I teach the average 7th graders literature and then the lower-level 7th graders (the remedial class) literature as well. Although the pacing is a challenge, and focusing them to learn and act their age (the lower level is quite immature), I feel that it has been a blessing in disguise because it is less planning as I am at the mercy of their comprehending pace.

I have been able to read a little bit from The Happiest Baby on the Block and my Queen Elizabeth I book, but not as much as I wanted. I found a bejeweled Frozen game for free on the iPhone, and I’ve been playing that every minute I’ve got! So, I have been playing “video games” and Justin has been loving to watch…I didn’t play videogames with Justin, but we’ve been watching a lot of movies and playing board games together, so I’m ok with that. And obviously I didn’t learn how to schedule posts (except for blogger, which I already knew, and facebook).

This week, we’ll be focusing on house and home:

A Month of Confidence

A Month of Confidence

In our old apartment, we were terrible about keeping it clean. And it was so small, that a minuscule mess looked like a hurricane’s path. But, we were both gone all day and exhausted in the evening. The first month or so living here, it was pretty easy to keep clean–I was home all day, my mom was over constantly, and I was too exhausted with a baby to make any sort of mess. When I started teaching, Justin stayed home for a month or so while he searched for jobs. He played Mr. Mom and did a good job of taking care of Rhys and some household chores. But, now that we are both working, it’s getting harder. Dishes and laundry piling up, dirt tracked in on the floors, substituting fast food for a freshly cooked dinner…
But, just because you work (as well as your spouse), doesn’t mean that your house needs to become a disaster zone, nor does it mean you have to use half your Saturday to clean it again. There are small things you can do to have confidence in your home. (It should be pretty easy for me, as we will be gone to relatives for half the week!)
Here is my plan for the Week of House and Home:
– Burn candles, especially specifically smelling ones (like lavender that helps relieve anxiety).
– Do dishes after every meal!
– Make sure laundry doesn’t pile up. And, when I do laundry, immediately fold it!
– Do a 10 minute cleanup before bed every night to help alleviate the mess.
– Get in touch with Bonnie about hosting a Scentsy party. I love candles and want to become more interested in Scensty, as well as I want to host. By hostessing, you become determined to make your house presentable.


I suggest that you also keep a confidence journal. I am, and each day I will have 3 lists:

1) Drops of Awesome–little things I did or accomplished
2) Little Moments–I have a quote in my living room that says, “Enjoy the little things in life, for someday they will be the big things.”
3) Grateful List–small blessings

Sunday, November 30: Reflection on a Month of Confidence

Check out this lovely lady!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Marriage Goal for September

Moving during a critical summer has really thrown off traditions for Justin and I.
That’s why I’m really excited to link up with Amberly.

There are two main goals we’d like to work on together:

1) Family Walks
When we lived in Provo, we would take an evening walk every Sunday. We loved it! We would take a new route every week, tell stories about our past, discuss our present (especially the shows we watch), and plan our future.
Now that we are settled and have a defined schedule, and a park in our backyard, we’d like to start that up again. A few weeks after we moved here, we did take a family walk and enjoyed the evening in the park. We loved it and want that to continue. And, it’ll be really exciting when Rhys gets to the age where he can crawl around in the grass!

2) Dinner at the Table
When we lived in our tiny college apartment in Provo, we didn’t really have a lot of room to sit at the table for dinner. And, Justin was busy with homework and I would be working on grading or lesson plans. We’d typically eat while working and/or watching shows on Hulu or Netflix. But, now that we actually have a table and a kitchen and Justin has an 8-5 job instead of awkward evening hours on campus, I want us to eat dinner at the table. Rhys will be taking a nap at this new dinner time and it will be before our shows come on. Also, it’ll prevent crumbs and such getting on the rug that Rhys is starting to roll over on.

Marriage & Relationship Goals

 Marriage & Relationship Goals

New to the Marriage & Relationship Goals Link-up? Goals help our relationships grow stronger and get better with time as well as help us move forward and avoid the “ruts” of life. This link-up was created in hopes of inspiring your relationship with your significant other no matter your chapter in life and love. We would love for you to join us in making the things we do in our relationships intentional. 

If you would like more information, click here. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, click here. If you are interested in cohosting, click here.

Mission Statement:

Marriage & Relationship Goals are goals that we, as wives or girlfriends, can make each month to help us strive for the very best in our relationships and keep us moving toward a great future with our significant other. The link-up was put in place for women to join together to inspire and encourage each other in the goals that we set, share in our successes and uplift each other if we struggle. Each month we will summarize the successes we’ve had with our previous month’s goals and set new ones for the coming month. We would love for you to link up with us and share your posts on the first Monday of each month as we strive to be more intentional, serve our significant other and create better relationships.
1. Write a post about a goal you have set and are working on to improve your marriage or relationship.
2. Follow your host and cohosts via GFC or Bloglovin’
3. Post the Marriage & Relationship Goal button in your post or on your sidebar
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5. Use the hashtag #marriageandrelationshipgoals when you promote your post on Twitter and/or Facebook
6. Visit other blogs, find inspiration for future goals, and encourage the other women in their quest to achieve great things!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Welcome 2013

2013 is here. The world has not ended, and I am alive (with a terrible, vision-impairing migraine) to welcome another new year.

This year has been a huge chapter in my life: finishing college, a real teaching job, and marriage! I begin this year as a married woman, as I will every year for the rest of my life! It has been one of the best years of my life, albeit one of the most stressful (wedding planning and teaching). 
Looking back at last year’s resolutions, I did pretty well during the first half of the year. Then, life changed…and got busy, busy, busy!
~Attend all FHE’s on Monday nights. Eh, not really. Even though when I was single, my sister was the FHE mom. Married, we try to do something together on Monday nights.
~ Do 100% Visiting Teaching for the whole year. Single, yes. Married, no. I’ve been sick a lot lately.
~ Study and do my best as to keep a GPA of 3.7 or higher. Success! 3.78!
~ Study Welsh for at least 30 min each week. …..If talking about my obsession over Wales counts…
~ Read for myself at least 20 min each day. I did pretty good with that up until October, when I got super busy with teaching.
~ Blog at least once a week. Pretty well. I have the most posts this year out of any year I’ve had this blog.
~ Work on my novel for at least 45 min a week. HAHAHAHAHA….as if I’ve had time.
~ Workout/run 5 days a week. I did okay on this until I got married…or teaching…or both.
~ Maintain my goal weight. Well, it’s true when they say you gain weight the first few months of marriage.
~ Cook 1 new meal a month using a new recipe. Between Justin and I, I think I did really well with this! SUCCESS!
~Read my scriptures every morning. I need to really work on this.
~ Go to the temple at least once a month. I’ve been a couple times and am going tomorrow…but the biggest 2 trips: my endowment and my marriage!

This year, I am going to try to resolve for less. Less is more. 
Here are 2013’s resolutions:
1) Run/workout 3x a week
2) Stay 1 week ahead in lesson plans
3) Daily scripture reading
4) Blog at least once a week and write in my journal more than just Sundays.
5) Try to come out of my shell a little bit more. (I have my own personal cheerleader now–Justin. So, it should be a bit easier.)
And…now that I’m married, I get to do couples resolutions!
1) Better apartment upkeep
2) Daily family scripture reading
Should be a lot easier to do this year! (Notice, no more GPA resolutions…it’s because I’m done with college! Yes, I don’t graduate until after the teaching internship ends, but I’m no longer a student!)

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

My Biggest Fear

For the longest time, I thought my biggest fear was losing friends, but I realized that it is just a part of a bigger fear, a fear that constantly holds me back.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

I am afraid of failure. In anything. In everything.

This is why I only took IB History and IB English in high school, rather than the entire IB program. I was afraid. I was afraid of not doing well. I was afraid of not understanding. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to succeed.

This is why I gave up the Honors Program–I wasn’t caught up on my Great Works, I didn’t want to take a math class (I am honestly, quite deathly afraid of math), I didn’t want to kill myself working on an honors thesis during my first year of teaching.

This is why I was a little nervous to date last semester, after having my heart broken. The whole year before, I had boys break up with: I wasn’t worth it, I was too distant, I was too clingy. I could never be a good girlfriend. It was a scary journey last semester, but ended with good results (I am getting married in August). Too be honest, that scares me too–how good of a wife will I be? Knowing my personality, will I be overbearing, demanding, taking him on a roller coaster ride?

But, has been affecting me the past few weeks. I want to do well in my classes, but working on two separate unit plans, completing a 28 page history paper, creating a classroom management handbook, filing paper work for my student teaching internship, working 3 jobs, and planning a wedding has almost done me in. My writing unit plan is particularly stressful. I consider myself a good writer, and thought this would be easy. Boy was I mistaken. It reminds me of the first day I stepped into my creative writing classroom as a sophomore in high school. We wrote poems based off a prompt. I expected to do well and receive praise–that’s all I had received either online or by my parents. What I got back was a fat “C.” But, through Renard’s amazing teaching, my skill jumped in the next three years. So, I feel the same way now–I am two kinds of writing tutor, I love writing (academic and creative). A writing unit plan should be easy-peazy. LIE! It’s so hard. I’ve even talked to my professor, but that hasn’t helped my fear enough–it helped some, just not enough.

Yesterday, I wanted to just give up on it. That is how I handle things I am afraid at failing at–I just give up on it. Not doing it at all is better than trying, putting in all your effort and failing, right? I give up on things. Earlier this week, my stress reached its peak and I forgot to blog for a day. Then, I was too tired the next day. So, I gave up on the 3rd day.

Even today, as I was feeling this stressed and down about my self-confidence and ability, I overheard my co-workers’ conversation. We are all writing tutors for the social science college, so we are all expected to be pretty far in our major as well as have good GPA’s. Mine right now is a 3.78 out of 4. I thought that was pretty good. Until I heard their discussion…3.84 and 3.86. One spent $20 on a language test to get 8 credits, but ended with an A- and told the administration not to count it because it would bring her GPA down. I would have excepted it in an instant–an A- on one of BYU’s language test-outs? Then, I looked at my transcript since freshman year. Mostly A’s and A-‘s. A few B+’s. Then, that glaring C+ from my History 220 class. I am a history major–1st part of American History should be easy, right? After my first poor quiz grade and poor paper grade, I went to talk to the professor and did all she suggested. I talked to her numerous times, but no matter what I did that she told me to do, my grade never rose. It made me feel inadequate.

Now, I am teaching 7th and 8th graders next year. Throughout all my teaching classes, I’ve heard stories of amazing teachers. I am deathly afraid. What if I can’t inspire my students? What if I can’t reach them? What if they don’t care about my class? What if I don’t know enough about my subject? I am afraid.

This weekend, I think I will pray for bravery. I will continue because I persevere–I do what I have to. But, that does nothing for my attitude. I am afraid. I am scared. I am not confident at all. Not for anything in the next two week, not for the summer, not for the fall.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.