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Project Read Your Classroom Shelves #4

Project Read Your Classroom Shelves #4: Castle of Llyr, Rules of the Road

I have been reading so many other books this past month, that I haven’t made a big dent in my YA novels. So, I only have two reviews for today’s Project Read Your Classroom Shelves!

Project Read Your Classroom Shelves #4: Castle of Llyr, Rules of the Road

The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander


I had originally bought this book at a library $1 sale and immediately grabbed it when I saw two obvious Welsh words: “Lloyd” and “Llyr.” I thought it’d be cool to have a Welsh magic and knights story. Well, it turns out that this is the third installment in the Chronicles of Prydain, the most famous of which is the second: The Black Cauldron. After realizing that, names and events fell into place as Disney made a version of The Black Cauldron.

This book is the developing/discovering of the love between Assistant Pig-Keeper turned knight Taran and the tom boyish princess with magical properties Eilonwy. Eilonwy is sent to Dinas Rhydant to learn how to become a Lady and to be betrothed to the clumsy Prince Rhun. But, Magg, the steward of the castle captures Eilonwy and takes her to the evil witch, Achren. So, Taran, Kaw, Gurgi, Flewddur, and Gwydion embark on a quest to rescue her as Taran realized his deeper feelings towards Eilonwy.

It was a fun read, but some characters’ relationships as well as allured events were a bit confusing because it is the third installment in the series. But I had so much fun pronouncing the Welsh names and places correctly and learning more about the epic tale of Welsh lore.

Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer

Teenage Jenny just got her license. She works in a shoe store and knows everything about shoes. Her dad is an alcoholic and has left her family (which includes her mom and younger sister). Jenny gets an opportunity of a lifetime during summer break to be the driver of Gladstone Shoe’s owner (this is a national chain!) to take her from Chicago to Texas for a future-deciding stock holder’s meeting.
This book has an interesting premise: comparing the rules of the road to the rules of life. However, I think the author tries to do too much in addition to being almost existential in life rules: 1) teenage girl saves cooperate business, 2) driving rules and experiences, 3) dealing with a drunk father, 4) teenage girl taking care of family, 5) ins and outs of the shoe business. It was just too busy.
But, the characters are likeable and fleshed out, except for the antagonist. He seemed pretty ambiguous and two-dimensional to me. But, I really did like the resolution…not with the main cooperate saving plot, but with dealing with her denying alcoholic father. That was great.
Which of these books seem interesting to you?

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