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Evelyn | Seven Months

Evelyn is now 7 months old! She is crawling and pulling up!

Dear Evelyn,

Evelyn is now 7 months old! She is crawling and pulling up!

Wow! This month just passed us by. I looked at the calendar yesterday and was surprised to learn it was your 7 month birthday! You are growing up just way too fast. You are closer to one years old than you are being a newborn!

You have grown so much. You seem taller, smarter, fuller, happier. Except at night. You have terrible separation anxiety–and not just at night. You are definitely a Momma’s girl. When I leave your sight, then you start to cry. It takes forever to put you down for the night because of this anxiety. But we are working on it.

We also took another trip to Utah this month to visit Grandma. She absolutely loved cuddling you and taking naps with you. You got so much attention from Grandpa, Aunt Paige, and Aunt Madison as well. We also a day down in Nephi with Daddy’s family. Grams was so stoked to see you and hold you, as were Aunt Jana and Aunt Rachel. Your cousins spent most of their time playing with Rhys, but they were excited to meet you for the first time.

Evelyn is now 7 months old! She is crawling and pulling up!

Weight: 15. 5 pounds (22nd percentile)

Height: 26.5 inches (51st percentile)

Eat | You love your food. You have about 5-6 bottles of 4-6 ounces in a 24 hour period. Sometimes you won’t finish your bottle and sometimes it takes you an hour to snack on it. You have three meals a day–a mix of baby food and table food. You really love your solids, especially fruit, carrots, and peas. You love feeding yourself and will hyperventilate if we aren’t feeding you fast enough.

Evelyn is now 7 months old! She is crawling and pulling up!

Sleep | Daytime: You wake up anywhere between 6-7 am. But, if you wake up before 6 to eat, you have a really hard time falling back asleep. You take 2-3 naps a day. You are transitioning your nap times. Typically you’ll take a 45-90 minute nap around 9 am, then anywhere from an hour to three-hour nap between 1-2pm. You are also going to bed anytime between 7-8pm depending on how tired you are and your separation anxiety.

Nighttime: We try to put you down at 7, but most nights it takes until around 9:30 for you to fully settle down. Sometimes you are up that entire time, sometimes you’ll sleep for about 20 minutes, then wake up. It really frustrates us. About 60% of the time, you’ll wake up once anywhere between 1-6 am to feed. Sometimes, you’ll sleep through the night. We are working on Ferberizing and crying it out to help you go back to sleep on your own. Your pediatrician thinks you may also have gas issues and your teething (still no teeth yet) may be really bugging you.

Evelyn is now 7 months old! She is crawling and pulling up!

Milestones | Movement: You are officially a crawler. You crawl all over hous and have even mastered crawling over things. You easily go from crawling to sitting to turning to crawling. You can even pull yourself up. You can’t glide yet, but you can easily pull up to stand still on your legs. In your exer-saucer, you love to bounce. Being thrown up in the air is one of your favorite things, but you hate being upside down.

Communication: Still no words. But, you are trying to clap. It’s more of a flailing arms together movement, but it’s intentional! You love to receive and give kisses. You also love to smile and coo at people. You love to hear yourself make noises, especially an inhaling gasp type of noise.

Playing: You love playing with dirty laundry (socks, burp clothes, etc). I don’t get it. You love to fling them and put them in your mouth. Whenever a sock and a toy is placed in front of you, you’ll go after the sock first. You like toys that make noise–you love swinging them all over the place to make the noise. We also have to be careful with what you play with and where you play because everything and anything will end up in your mouth–toys, pieces of wipes, trash, old food on the floor. We have to be more vigilant with keeping our floors clean now.

Evelyn is now 7 months old! She is crawling and pulling up!

Personality | You still are such a content baby and a happy baby. However, you do have baaaaaad separation anxiety. If you are uncomfortable, frustrated, tired, or nervous, you’ll fuss. But, you love being social and you love giving your biggest smiles to anyone and everyone.


  • toys
  • random things on the floor
  • Rhys, Momma, Daddy
  • water (even if it is cold splash pad water)
  • solids


  • not being able to see Momma
  • going to bed
  • having a sore bum from diaper rash

Evelyn is now 7 months old! She is crawling and pulling up!

Evelyn, I love you so much, as do your Daddy and Rhys. We can’t imagine life without you. It seems like you’ve been part of our family forever and yet, it was just a week ago we brought you home from the hospital. Every day is a struggle for me–I want to cuddle you the entire time you are asleep, but I need to give Rhys attention as well. You are the cutest thing on the planet. Never grow up.


Momma and Daddy

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