The Adventure of the Couches

One thing that I really like about living close to family as a new married couple is the opportunity to get nice quality hand-me-down furniture. Well, the problem is, getting all that furniture in our tiny apartment, and the old ones out. So, here follows our adventure of the couches.
Here is what our living room looked like before. (A long black couch is against the wall where I took the picture). Very colleg-y. Very newly-wed.
Over Memorial Day weekend, we went up to Farmington to visit family and decided, it was the perfect opportunity to get a couch from my parents and some bookshelves from my Aunt and Uncle. So, my dad rented a Uhaul trailer. My husband, dad, and brother all used their man muscles to wrestle the couches out of my parents’ basement and into the trailer. Then, they used their man muscles again to wrestle the bookshelves out of my Uncle’s basement into the trailer. Then, we got to Provo, once more they used their man muscles to wrestle the furniture into our small apartment. Mom and I carried in bags of laundry I did…and I mean bags. So, this was now the state of our living room:
Sorry for the very blurry picture.  Notice the old, scratched up black couch is now leaning against the wall.
We were able to put the black couch on to sell it. We were only looking for $50. It wasn’t that old of a couch, it was still super comfy, the leather was just peeling. Well, we got a bidder. So, while they were on their way to pick it up, we had to move the couch out of the living room. Now, it had taken 3 of Justin’s brothers/brothers-in-law to get it into our apartment and there was only me and him. We had to get it out of this hallway and out the door at the top of the first set of stairs.
Do you see what’s missing with these stairs? No handrail!
The couch would fit width-wise and length-wise…the only problem was we were going to have to lift it over the handrail all the way up. That’s a problem–Justin was still sore and tired from the day before and I couldn’t get a good enough grip or enough leverage to help him much. So, we pull out our tool kit and start unscrewing the handrail (it looked as if someone had already done that since the paint around it was chipped).
We were finally able to get the couch outside and we rested it right against the door so the pouring rain wouldn’t ruin it. And we brought our laptops out and waited, watching the rain, for our customers to come buy their couch.
After they came, we had to fix the handrail, hoping our landlord wasn’t going to pop in (he was very good at the upkeep of the complex and came daily to vacuum the halls, sweep the porches, water the grass, etc.).
Excuse the hair…curly hair and rain/moisture/humidity/summer do not mix well at all.
Next, was the job of actually rearranging our living room to fit our now-deeper couch (with recliners!) and our two big bookshelves with the rest of the furniture. We moved furniture for about 3 hours, all the while, I was getting more and more frustrated and crying because we had big-adult furniture and it wasn’t fitting well in our tiny college apartment. But, finally, we decided to give one set-up a shot. After putting books and movies and everything else back on the shelves, I started to like it a lot. After rearranging pictures on the wall and fluffing throw pillows and blankets, I have to say I love it. True, it’s not super matchy-matchy anymore, but the fact is we have nice furniture and we have a nice living room once more. And, it looks a lot more mature and homey.

Sorry for all the poor quality pictures…

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. It looks great! Moving furniture is always so stressful. I want things one way while Scott wants things a totally different way. If we can make it through two moves, and rearranging furniture we can make it through anything!
    Totally feel you on the curly hair and humidity. My hair is in a pony tail 99.9% of the time during summer. 🙂

    1. That's confident to hear. It was just funny because of the dimensions of our living room and the recliner couch we got, if we had it against one wall and reclined, it would take up half the room…

  2. Oh, I hear you about the curly hair part! I live in Florida, the land of high humidity. My hair is naturally curly to begin with, but during the summer I pretty much throw in the towel and pull it up every day. It's uncontrollable.

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