The Euphoria of New Seat Day!

Today, my students got new seats!
I like to mix them up every unit =)
I need to separate trouble makers and keep lack-a-daisies closer to me.
I like to reward my students by letting sit by my friends.
I tear my hair out because the rest of the class can’t stand this one kid and there is nowhere to place him anymore.

This picture was taken during the summer as I started to set up my classroom for the first time. The walls and chalkboards are a lot more exciting now!

New Seat Day is hilarious!
I have students jumping up with euphoria for the goodness of my heart. Sitting by the window. Sitting against the wall. Being in charge of the lights. Friends who are able to sit by friends.
A girl literally did a little jig in her row after finding out she is sitting next to her friend.
Another breathed a sigh of relief as he realized he didn’t have to sit next to the loud, obnoxious kid anymore.
A boy muttered thank you because he finally got to sit in the back rather than the front.

But, there is a down side to new seat day.
Most common is, “Mrs. Morrell, why do I have to sit in the front again? Mrs. Morrell, why can’t I sit by my friends? Mrs. Morrell, I don’t like this person, move me.”
There is a keen strategy that takes a lot of processing and analyzing when it comes to creating seat arrangements. My followers that teach, you know what I mean. Agonzing over the chemistry of the class, puzzling out what arrangements work and which don’t.
There are kids who have to sit in the front because: they can’t see, they need more attention when it comes to processing work, they have a behavior problem.
There are kids who never move (typically for the same reasons as above).
There are kids who have to be on opposite corners from each other, but still find ways to communicate (i.e. yelling across the entire room).
In one of my periods, I have one boy whom no one wants to sit by. But, sadly, some unfortunate will have to buckle down, gulp and swallow, hitch up their pants, and sit next to him.

New Seat Day.
Hopefully this arrangement will work in all my classes.
If not, we have about 2-3 more changes before the end of the school year.

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