The Golden Vlog // June

Hey y’all!
First of all,  I want to wish my sister, Paige, a happy 15th birthday! She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?

I’m super excited to do this month’s version of The Golden Vlog as it is about our hometowns! And, Justin agreed to do it with me…so long as he could continue playing his Final Fantasy game on his phone.

My hometown: Stafford, Virginia
Justin’s hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Where we spent the 6 years after we graduated, met and got married: Provo, UT at Brigham Young University
Where we live now: Sandy, UT

** BTW, when Justin mentioned to rewind 2.5 minutes for the weather he already answered, we checked afterward, and it was 2.5 minutes earlier….nailed it!

What is your hometown and what makes it unique?

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  • Hey girl! Your video is private, so I'm unable to watch it:( Just wanted to let you know in case you didn't.

  • It should be working now

  • Did you like moving around so much as a kid, or no? I've heard mixed answers from people and I'm always curious. 😉 I love that he said the Amish! My mom's family is from Ohio near a large Amish population, and they're food is BOMB. Especially the pies. Yesssss, please.

  • Honestly, as a kid, I didn't because it's been hard to keep friendships from one state to the other and I was always jealous of the BFFs that grew up with each other. Justin absolutely LOVES the Amish food!

  • Yay, I'm glad your husband joined! Even though he interjected between phone playing, haha. You guys have so many experiences — that's great! Bambi-q, haha.

  • He said that was the only way he'd be willing to do it.

  • I think I wouldn't have disliked it as a kid too… I'm the WORST at making friends, so I'm sure it would have been horrible.