Favorite Birthdays–Throwback Thursdays

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It’s another….

This week is about a throwback birthday. Well, I have a couple!
My brother was born 3 days after my 7th birthday. He was born with a club foot, so mom, dad, and him stayed at the hospital for a few days. Because we didn’t expect this, mom had already planned a birthday party for me, which my Grandma hosted. As I was opening presents, my parents walked in the door with the best birthday present ever–my brother, Bobby! I had prayed for a brother for 2 years and I finally got one! 
Some years, we each had our own cake and own party, but others, we shared a cake and had a family celebration. I thought it was super cool to have a birthday so close to a sibling.
Beware the next! I’ve warned time and time again, I was an awkward teenager, and this year, I really let my geek out. Today, it is a facepalm!
As a teenager, I was obsessed with faeries. Still am, actually. I liked Amy Brown art, Hot Topic faeries, dark magic and fairy war books. So, I decided to be silly and dress up…”goth” faerie on top, “faerie princess” on bottom. It was just the family, so I didn’t really care. I do not miss that year, seeing myself in that picture (braces, glasses, acne, oh the hair!) but I do miss that shirt…that was an awesome shirt!
That year, I got my first faerie figurine. These were figurines of warrior faeries. Overall, I had almost 10 by the time I graduated high school. Then, my dad got transferred across the country (military) and I packed up to go to college. They haven’t seen the light of day since 2008 and I can’t wait to have an actual house rather than married student apartments so I can dust them off and put them back on display!
Next, comes my 16th birthday, which was one of my favorites! I wanted a sweet sixteen and I definitely got one! I was living in Virginia at the time. One man in our congregation owned a lot of land in our county, including a farm (without the animals) and had converted his barn into almost like a diner. Our church used it for many activities: Memorial Day picnics, youth camp outs, etc. So, I asked if we could borrow it for my sweet 16. It was big and had awesome speakers for music and a mini kitchen. I invited a lot of my friends. 
Now, one of my friends from church, Matt, had a birthday 7 days after mine. My sweet sixteen was planned for his birthday, which was a Saturday. Since we shared most of our friends, my mom, his mom, and I decided to make it a surprise birthday for him as well; meaning, we’d celebrate his birthday without him knowing we would.
He certainly was surprised! We all danced, we all played games. Then, it came for cakes. We both got our own separate cake, and were sung to separately. Then, we opened presents. I got another faerie figurine. When guests RSVP’d, they would ask my mom what to get me, and mom said books…so, I ended up with about $100 worth of Border’s gift cards! It was great! Matt’s present for me was a serenaded song. He was very good at singing and guitar (he taught many people in our congregation to play guitar), so he played me a song. It was very sweet (and completely platonic–we were both dating other people). 
It was probably the funnest teenage birthday party ever! Also, notice…another faerie shirt (Tinkerbell this time, also from Hot Topic)…and see all the coats in the back? My birthday is in February, and I lived in VA…it was currently snowing outside.
My last memorable teenage birthday was my 18th one. I had never had a surprise birthday. I always thought what a cool treat it would be to have one. My sister, Madison, being the awesome sister she is, and knowing me in and out, decided to take it upon herself to give me one before I would never see my friends again (by February, we already knew my family would be transferred across the country). So, she talked to my closest friends and told them that there would be a surprise birthday party for me at the bowling alley. I kind of suspected something and was super excited. Then, on my birthday, I felt queasy all day. I thought it was just due to the excitement. When I came home from school, only a few hours till the party, I threw up. I was upset, but laid down, hoping it’d be a one time thing. After, I felt much better. It was about an hour until the “surprise.” I still wanted it to happen. I’d never had a surprise birthday party before and doubted I’d ever get the chance again. I told my mom I was alright, and as soon as I muttered those words, what should come out but more vomit. Madison called all my friends, explaining the situation, and I went to bed early, crying because I couldn’t have a surprise 18th birthday party…
I have had 5 birthdays since then, and still have not had a surprise party. Ever. For anything. I still want one.
Keep that in mind, friends and family!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • I love looking back on my teenage birthdays. It's so great to see how awkward I was, but had no idea at the time. 🙂
    Like you, I've never had a surprise party, and I'm turning 30 this year! Fingers crossed the hubs has something up his sleeve! 🙂 I hope you get your surprise party soon! 🙂

    • It's so fun to see how far we've come from awkward teens! Also, good luck on the surprise party yourself!

  • Oh no!! That's so, so sad about your 18th birthday party that wasn't! I know the feeling–I've always, always wanted a surprise birthday party. Your 16th looks like it was pretty awesome, though. I had a big sweet 16 b-day party too–mine was a costume party because I'd always wanted a costume party.

  • That's awful about your surprise party! Ive always wanted one too, and my parents threw me one when we moved to a new town and I was the new girl and still didn't really know anyone. That was kind of cool.

    • I hope you got a lot of new friends. I just feel sorry for my sister…we moved in August, and her 16th birthday was in December…she had a good sweet sixteen, but it would've been funner if she had had her close friends.

  • Birthday parties are indeed some of the most memorable moments in our lives—especially during our childhood and teenage years. It's really nice looking back knowing how these times remind us that we are loved and remembered. Anyway, hope you'd have your surprise birthday later on. Cheers!