Two Geeks Walk into a Con

News Flash:
I am such a GEEK!!!
As is Justin. Which is why our marriage is awesome!!!!!
So, this weekend, we went to Comicon.
But, before I get into that, I have joined Skirtember challenge. This challenge is to wear a dress, skirt, or dress-shirt every day in September. Well, I didn’t know about this until the 3rd. So, that day I dressed in a skirt for work (luckily I wore a skirt to church like I always do on Sundays).
Sunday, 9/1, I wore a black and cream maxi skirt, cream skirt, and a black wrap.
Monday, I didn’t know and I traveled on a plane home.
Tues, 9/3 Skirt: old, Socks: old, Tank and Cardigan: old, Shoes: Sole Envy
Wednesday, 9/4 Shirt: Papaya, Skirt: BYU Bookstore, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Payless
Thursday, 9/5 I wore a pink dress with a brown shirt and tights.
Friday 9/6 Skirt: Black and cream maxi, Doctor Who fan shirt.
Sat 9/7 I wore a costume for Comicon–no skirt.
Sunday, 9/8 Skirt and shirt: WalMart, Tights: H&M, Shoes:Payless

So, onto Geekdom!!!
Friday, we went after I was done teaching. Saturday, we dressed up. We saw a lot of cool costumes and some awesome booths. We went to a few panels, but honestly, some were boring and all were packed. Salt Lake City didn’t expect this many tickets to be sold. It was jam-packed on Saturday–over 50,000. They eventually stopped letting people in. We hung out with a few friends.
I dressed up as Rogue, based off the cartoon, X-Men: Evolution.
I think I pulled it off. Here are some other pictures from ComiCon!
Gollum doesn’t like my advances!
Korra from Legend of Korra and a Kyoshi Warrior from Avatar the Last Airbender
Ulquiorra’s last form from Bleach anime!
Justin and I adventured in the TARDIS! 
Justin’s Wolverine! Doesn’t he look awesome!!
He totally pulled the look off!
There is a girl inside that moving Dalek!
Thor doesn’t want to be touched by Rogue–he knows what’ll happen to him!
My favorite Bleach character: Urahara!
Justin found Gru on his way to steal the moon!
What a nice Ood! Very obedient when I asked to take a picture with it.
Loki, Captain America, and Thor-a
Justin found his idol.
Captain Kirk! William Shatner!
Jana, this one is for you! We snuck a picture of Dean Cane, when we should have paid $40 for it!
I have proof I saw the Silence!!! No more forgetting!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • haha!! You guys had fun, and Justin looks very Wolverine-ish indeed! My Mom unofficial nickname is rogue because she had dark hair and very distinctive gray streak right in front, lol!

    Great job with the skirt outfits!!

  • Looks like you have fun! Thanks for participating in Skirtember! Can't wait to see more.


  • How fun!! =) Doesn't even look like you in the pictures, haha! And your totally not a geek and if you are, you are the coolest one!! Excited to see what you do with Skirtember!!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers

  • I love all your skirt outfits! It's so much fun to put together different pieces.

    I also love your ComicCon pics…looks like a lot of fun!

  • I throughly applaud your geekiness. It looks like you had so much fun. And I love your Rogue costume!

  • Love that maxi skirt! I need to find one.

    Thanks for linking up, Taylor!

    Kristin 🙂

  • So I found your blog on the Skirtember challenge and I am sooooo jealous about comicon. I absolutely know I could convince my husband to go, but we would need one to come to our midwest area!