Welcome Home

We’ve been in our new townhome in Sandy for about a month, and it’s finally completely finished! (Except for the rug for the living room we left at my parent’s house last night…oops!)
So, I thought I’d show you around. It’s super adorable!!!
We live in the very last townhome. In front of us is another row of townhomes. Behind us is the carport and a lot of trees. To the side of us is a park and trees, so our house doesn’t get very bright with light. For that reason, we don’t have curtains in any of the rooms because 1)we don’t want to mess with them, 2)we don’t want to spend money on them, and 3)we want as much light in our townhome as possible.
I typically sit on that edge of the couch because that side table has my books and a basket of diaper stuff and burp clothes for Rhys. Sometimes, when I am holding or burping Rhys and he is a little upset, as soon as he sees the picture of Jesus, he quiets down and just stares at it. We believe that babies are still very close to heaven and they know who Jesus is!
We’re going to put that rug I mentioned in here so that we can put Rhys on it to squirm around.

Justin and I love smelling candles, so we bought this Rosemary smelling one. We also love the fact that it’s in a mason jar! And for the story behind this quote, read this post.

Just loves a drink called birch beer, which is brewed near where he lived in Pennsylvania, so we’ve kept the bottles he drank. (Don’t worry, it’s not alcoholic…it’s kind of like root beer.)

(I need to update that frame with four pictures to add in some of Rhys.)
Mom made that banner for Rhys. Isn’t too adorable?!?

This dresser was actually in my dad’s house growing up. Then, it went through many of my siblings, and now it’s Rhys’s. It’s had numerous paint jobs and handles according to the tastes of each kid.

This rocking chair is also special. My mom rocked me and each sibling in this rocking chair. So, a few years ago (even before I was married), I asked mom that when I had my first baby if I could have the rocking chair. You can read about why it’s important to me here.
I’m so excited to have two closets with mirrors for doors!
As of now, Rhys sleeps in our room as well, in this bassinet. We tried moving him to his crib, but he still got up twice a night and we didn’t want to go back and forth between rooms twice a night. So, he’ll sleep with us until he drops down to waking up once a night consistently. 

Our bedroom is as big as our living room was in our old apartment, so we decided to dedicate a corner to being our office.
We also have a washer and dryer in the upstairs hallway! No more going to laundramats!
We have a full bathroom upstairs, with a sink wide and deep enough that we can bathe Rhys in it.
Downstairs, we also have a powder room, a linen closet, and an under-the-stairs storage space.
I love the kitchen! I love the counter tops, the cupboards, and the fact that our landlady bought all new appliances!
I also love these things:
-we have room to move around in our kitchen
-we have more counter space
-we have a window I can look out of
– we have a dishwasher
-we have a disposal.
We lacked all of that in our college apartment!
Courtesy of my parents, we also have a table that fits more than just Justin and me.

I love the idea of chalkboards in kitchens, so my mom bought this for me. I love the rustic feel to it!!! (Also, you can tell /i took these pictures a while ago.)
We have a door in our kitchen, leading out to a small porch and our carport. I had previously mentioned that there was a park right next to us. Well, this is our view from our kitchen, as well as our bedroom window. We’re very lucky.
We absolutely love the townhome we’re renting. Not only is it three times the size of our old apartment, it’s in a nice town and near every shopping place or restaurant you can think of. It’s also a block or so away from Historic Sandy, and a few blocks from the Rio Tinto Stadium, home of Real Salt Lake’s soccer team! Justin served in this area during his LDS mission, so he knows where everything is and knows a few people in our congregation!
We’re excited to live here for the indefinite future!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. A big-enough kitchen is a very good thing to have! And I liked the story of your heirloom rocking chair–that’s a cool piece of furniture to hold onto!

  2. Lovely!! I was getting jealous that you found such a good place to buy in Sandy, until I realized your renting. Still a little jealous though 😉

  3. Lovely!! I was getting jealous that you found such a good place to buy in Sandy, until I realized your renting. Still a little jealous though 😉

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