Welsh Wednesday | Castles of Wales

One of the most significant and well-known things about Wales is its castles. When I studied abroad in Wales, I visited many, many castles throughout Wales, England, and Scotland. It was some of my favorite memories about my study abroad. I loved exploring the ruins, imagining the history within the walls.

Today, Llinos and I will be sharing about our favorite castles in Wales.

Caerphilly and Conwy Castles, and Usk are some of the coolest Welsh castles.

Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle is one of the largest castles in Wales. Is is located in South Wales, and was built in the 13th century as a defense against the Welsh “rebels”. It has a large moat around it. Throughout it’s history, there are many battles that have taken place around it, as well as in it. The most well known is during the English Civil War in 1642. Cannons were shot at the towers, so many of Caerphilly’s towers are broken and leaning. Around the castle today, there are recreations of different medieval weapons and a recreated Great Room.

438 Caerphilly Castle 431 Caerphilly Castle 430 Caerphilly Castle 423 Caerphilly Castle 422 Caerphilly Castle 416 Caerphilly Castle 415 Caerphilly Castle 414 Caerphilly Castle 411 Caerphilly Castle

Conwy Castle

Conwy is a city in north Wales. Edward I built it in the mid-13th century as he defeated Wales. He fortified it by building a large wall around the city. Today, the remains of this wall are very apparent throughout the city. The city kind of was built out of and around the wall, lining backyards and houses. This was also one of the strongholds used by Owain Glyndwr (basically the Welsh version of Braveheart) during his 14 year rebellion. It is large, has beautiful towers for lookouts and archers, many historic tales of intrigue, rebellion, and betrayal within the walls. And, it is built right on the sea, giving you an amazing view of both the sea and the city itself.

749 Conwy 747 Conwy 745 Conwy 743 Conwy 740 Conwy 739 Conwy 738 Conwy 735 Conwy

Usk Castle

Usk is one of my absolute favorites. Usk Castle isn’t owned by the government, so it isn’t really kept updated. It was allowed to fall into ruins and have nature reclaim it. It is privately owned, and to view it, you literally go into their backyard. Today, it has a very Secret Garden feel and look to it. Usk is located in the South East of Wales, near the border of England. It was one of the first Norman castles built in Wales, and became a Marcher Lord stronghold–Marcher Lords were basically nobles put in charge of different strategic points on the border of Wales to keep an eye on the Welsh. One of my favorite battles of Owain Glyndwr happened near this castle: the Battle of Pwll Melyn.

151 Usk Castle 148 Usk Castle 146 Usk Castle 144 Usk Castle 140 Usk Castle 139 Usk Castle

Which one of these castles is your favorite?

1 – un (een)
2 – dai (die)
3 – tri (tree)
4 – pedwar (ped-wahr)
5 – pump (pimp)
6 – chwech (**gutteral** kquake)
7 – saith (scythe)
8 – wyth (oith)
9 – naw (now)
10 – deg (dayg)

January – Ionawr (yawn-hour)
February – Chwefror (**gutteral** kway-fror)
March – Mawrth (maurth)
April – Ebrill (ey-brelth)
May – Mai (my)
June – Mehefin (me-hev-in)
July – Gorffenaf (gorf-in-av)
August – Awst (aust)
September – Medi (med-ee)
October – Hydref (huh-drev)
November – Tachwedd (tahk-weth)
December – Rhagfyr (rahg-veer)

Monday – Dydd Llun (deeth lthleen)
Tuesday – Dydd Mawrth (deeth maurth)
Wednesday – Dydd Mercher (deeth merk**gutteral**ker)
Thursday – Dydd Iau (deeth eeyai)
Friday – Dydd Gwener (deeth gwen-er)
Saturday – Dydd Sadwrn (deeth sad-urn)
Sunday – Dydd Sul (deeth seel)

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  • Caerphilly is amazing isn’t it. I just love how huge it is!

    • It was so fun to explore!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Wow. They are all amazing in their own way! Castles have always intrigued me. Probably because we don’t have any here.
    That last – Usk – was pretty amazing. I loved the way nature has kind of taken over, but in an enchanted kind of way.

    • It is so interesting to walk through them–you can literally feel the history in the air!