2013 in Review

This has been a big and exciting year–much like last year was. I’m a little more of an adult, and a little less of a kid–a bittersweet thing.
I started my second semester of my teaching internship. I continued on US history with my 8th graders (forming of our government to the Civil War) and I received a new class for Utah Studies. My “Students Write the Darndest Things” linkup started. 
My favorite recipe of this month: Flatbread Alfredo Pizza.

February is always a busy month for my family: my 22nd birthdaymy brother’s 16th birthday, my Aunt’s birthday, and my cousin’s birthday, as well as my 6 month anniversary and Valentine’s day. My 8th graders were the biggest pills ever this month, but I made bacon roses for Justin for Valentine’s Day, so that was pretty cool. My favorite recipe of the month: Honey Glazed Salmon and Ginger Spinach
I participated in the Daily Slice of Life competition to blog every day in March. I went to my first Teacher-Fair and had a few on-site interviews. I started applying for real teaching jobs once my internship would end. It was a scary, stressful month. I also cooked a lot of new, yummy recipes!
Both Justin and my favorite recipe this month: Hawaiian Haystacks Casserole.
Biggest and most important: I graduated BYU! We also went to BYU’s Senior Bash which was the funnest date I’ve ever been on. Justin finished school (for the semester) whereas I still had to finish teaching. It was a very busy month with me finishing my TWS, applying for jobs, etc that I actually didn’t post any original recipes!
I went to Lagoon with my students and the rest of the school. The school year finished and I was sad to leave Springville Junior High, but so glad for the summer to start. I wrote about things I learned as a 1st year history teacher. We got a hand-me down couch from my parents and some really nice bookshelves from my aunt and uncle, and had quite the adventure rearranging the apartment. I also redesigned the blog to what it looks like now. My favorite part was Justin and my date with the dinos at the BYU Paleontology Museum.
Favorite recipe of the month: My first attempt at pasta salad.
I hate not doing anything over the summer, so I got hired at a brand new Subway that opened. I had worked Subways before, so working part-time was a fun way to get out of the house, have a few free meals, and earn a little extra money. I also watched a lot of movies on Netflix and read a lot of books. I also did physical therapy on my knee. As I was enjoying myself, Justin was working hard in school. Poor boy. We also made the most of summer by going to water parks, taking Sunday walks, seeing movies, and just having a lot of adventures and fun. I also started writing for the website Femiology.com
Justin and my favorite recipe of the month: Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork
I worked very hard on the blog, doing a lot of linkups and guest posts. I blogged almost every day. We spent July 4th with Justin’s family, and it was a blast! Then, around Justin’s birthday, he got very sick, like super sick due to a new medicine he was on–it was the sickest I’d ever seen him and I was really, really scared. I still worked at Subway part-time, ran a lot, read a lot, and watched a lot on Netflix. I was also officially hired to be an English Teacher at Navigator Pointe Academy in West Jordan!
Due to Justin’s illness, and the amount of eating out we did this month with conflicting work schedules, I didn’t post any recipes this month.
This was definitely a busy month! We had our first anniversary and camped at Yuba Lake. I joined a group of Mormon Bloggers who share their testimonies on their blogs. I started teaching English to 7-9th graders at my new Charter School and fell in love with the way my classroom was decorated. Little did I know just how busy and exhausting this job would be. I also went to my first concert ever–a Three Days Grace concert!
Favorite recipe this month: Homemade Fried Rice
I participated in Skirtember, a blogging challenge to wear skirts every day in September. During Labor Day weekend, Justin and I went to Virginia to visit his sister and her family. I was so excited to return to where I grew up! The following weekend, we went to Comicon in Salt Lake City –we both were super excited! I went with a good friend of mine who also blogs to a panel about ADD/ADHD disorders and how it affects their education and work habits. It was another very busy, but fun month.
Favorite recipe of the month: Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
I’m very deep into the books I taught my students. I already have things I love and things I strongly dislike about the school. I already hate the 50 minute commute. Justin and I ran our first 5K–the Hit and Run. It’s kind of like making Wipeout into a 5k and it was a blast! I also almost got charged $17 for 15 heads of iceberg lettuce at Wal-Mart! Thankfully, I checked my receipt before leaving with the 1 head I actually purchased!
Favorite Recipe of the month: Crockpot Taco Stew
We found out I was pregnant, but kept it a secret from everyone! But, first trimester side effects were definitely in full force! I felt terrible almost every day during school, and wanted to go to bed for the night once I got home. I was invited by my mother-in-law to be part of her homemade Christmas ornament exchange. I made my first ornament ever and it was adorable! We spent Thanksgiving with my family, but I was hardly able to eat anything thanks to pregnancy nausea.
Favorite recipe of the month: Rice Krispie Holiday Wreaths
This was a tough month for me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I still had terrible nausea and exhaustion due to the first trimester. I also was having a hard time staying caught up and motivated grading and lesson planning at school. It snowed a couple of times, and it was quite scary driving the 40 miles to my school in the snow, on the interstate. We also had our first ultrasound due to the fact that I have a uterus that faces my back and the doctor couldn’t find the baby for a heartbeat. But, we were able to see the baby with a real ultrasound.

 Justin and I celebrated our Christmas early.
Justin got: $10 Sodalicious gift card, white button up shirt, owl jigsaw puzzle, and Despicable Me 2
Tayler got: Epic (the movie), skeleton key necklace, modern gourmet pizza cookbook
We both got: Bourne trilogy, Sonic Heroes video game, Hyrule Historia
We spent Christmas Eve and Day with Justin’s brother and his family. Their kids are 8, 6, 3, and 2 months, so they all still believed in Santa. It was very nice to have a magical Christmas because of their belief, but it was also quite hard for me because it was the first Christmas I spent without my family. Now we are up in Boise visiting Justin’s other sister and her family for New Year’s. We’ll drive home tomorrow after New Year’s, and I’ll have to go back to school on Thursday. Yuck.
Favorite Recipe of the Month: Potato Scones
I am definitely ready for the new year… as well as the break the second trimester will give me! Here’s hoping the nausea will go away and I’ll have my energy back!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


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