2014 In Review

This was quite the busy and exciting year! It went by exceedingly fast! There was quite a few big changes in our lives! It was one of the hardest, most tense and stressful years, but also one of the happiest years, too!

Teaching at Navigator Pointe began to get extraordinarily hard as I was still having morning sickness and we were starting SAGE prepping. Justin took me to the Robert Burns dinner, which I loved as always. I started doing baby bumpdates for Rhys. I also had jury duty, but was called before it happened and told I didn’t have to show up.
Recipes this month: Better Than Chef Boyardee Ravioli and Apple Braised Salmon Salad

I had my birthday and Justin got me one of my favorite presents ever: a personal pensieve! I did quite a few posts on marriage…I was really in love with Justin this month, and Why We Work is my favorite. I started a new link-up series called Weekly Focus, but failed with it. We also found out that our baby was a boy!

We started looking for housing in places other than Provo for after summer and Justin started applying for jobs. The first half of March was busy, but I talked about why I would never be a big blogger, we had our Baby-Moon in Salt Lake City that taught me to focus on the small things in life, I also had to start buying bigger clothing, but not maternity clothing yet.
Our church had the funnest international potluck ever this month! Justin and I also did our first ever Vlog. I made the big decision to work part-time as a teacher after giving birth. Justin’s baby sister got married, and it was a beautiful wedding.
I began to wrap up my second year of being a teacher and got reflective on what it meant to be a teacher and talked about understanding preteens.There was a very scary rainstorm that almost kept me from driving home from work one day. I was also on a skit-comedy TV show called Studio C as an extra for one of their episodes.

This was quite the busy month! School finished the first week of this month for me, but there were some issues with Justin’s graduation. The last week, we found a townhome to rent. It was also the first summer since I was 16 that I didn’t work. Again, I talked about why I won’t make it in the blogging world. We had a scary incident with some bad, potentially dangerous smell at our apartment late at night. Justin and I took maternity pictures, but then, two weeks before my due date, on June 23, I wound up in the hospital due to bleeding, but Rhys and I were both ok.
Recipe this month: Easy Lettuce Wraps

On July 1st, we moved into our new home in the neighboring county. Then, on July 5th, we went back down to Orem very early and I was induced and Rhys was born at 5:21 PM. It was actually a pretty smooth birth! Justin’s birthday was not overlooked (it is on the 9th), and he was finishing up a class at BYU while I stayed home and adored our new baby. Thankfully, Mom and my sisters were over almost every day for the next week to help me out as I was a bit overwhelmed and exhausted.  The rest of July was the best time of my life, being a new mom.
The first half of August was spent oohing and awing over our, now, 1 month old son, reading a lot of baby books, and finishing up decorating our townhome. Justin and I had a good weekend celebrating our 2nd anniversary by making a visit to Provo to show our son to our old friends and then left our son (with my parents) for the first time as we went out to a fancy dinner in Salt Lake City.
Recipe this month: Nilla Wafer Pudding

I started teaching the last week in August and it was hard to go back and leave my baby, albeit for less than 5 hours a day, but I still loved being a mom. Justin hadn’t found a job yet, although he had plenty of 2nd interviews at places, so he stayed home and watched Rhys as we hadn’t found a nanny or daycare that had openings or were in our budget! Justin loved being able to spend some special bonding time with his son. Rhys turned 2 months old and he was blessed, and we took him to a day of Comicon. The blog was redesigned by Elizabeth from Elizabeth Loves and rebranded from Our Fairy Tale to The Morrell Tale. I also went to a Sleepover Soiree with some other Utah bloggers (I only went the second day and brought Rhys with me).

I started to make a series on Lessons from Disney Movies and did one on Tarzan. I also thought a lot on parenthood and post-partum bodies. Rhys turned 3 months old. Justin got a good job at a company he liked using some of his computer coding skills. I also found a “nanny” in a friend of one of my teaching colleagues. We were very thankful that things were coming into place. I even went to a Salt of the Earth (lotions and bath salts) blogging event.
Recipe this month: Bloomin’ Onion Rings

I started November out with a link-up series that was mainly for me to build back up my confidence. Rhys turned 4 months old and decided on his own to stop nursing and went to formula and rice cereal. We had Thanksgiving at my in-laws and Rhys had his first solid besides rice cereal–carrots. And, they were not nice to him at all.

This month has been hectic, trying to end the semester, working with Rhys becoming 5 months and trying to change his sleeping patterns and the length of stretches between feedings, and prepping for Christmas Break and vacation! This year, the DIY ornament I made for the Morrell girls’ ornament swap had a sad ending. For Christmas, we went to my family in Farmington. Rhys had a terrible time sleeping at night that entire week, although he was ok with naps, but I was exhausted and a little cranky all break because of that–sorry, family! Christmas Day was a lot of fun, full of gifts, Rhys being cute, chocolate, relatives coming over to visit, and Lord of the Rings Risk. That is, until in the middle of our game, we got the sad news that my maternal grandpa had passed away. The rest of the time we spent at my parents’ was trying to be in charge, console grandma and mom while dad helped them out, and be there for my younger siblings. Then, we quickly packed up and went up to Boise to Justin’s siblings’ for our nephew’s baptism. Tomorrow, we will race back down to Utah so Justin can return to work and I can attend my grandpa’s funeral.
Recipe this month: Semi-Southern Chicken and Dumplings

I am so happy with the year and having a new addition to our family. I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds in store for us!
This year, I’m linking up with Brooke for her annual year in review link-up!

What was your favorite part of the year 2014?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. Oh I read this and things sound so so similar. What a wonderful year it's been but so much learning, too!!! Also, those onion rings look like something I need to make my husband. 🙂

  2. i can't believe this year is already ending. having a baby definitely makes for a crazy and exciting year.

  3. Found you through the Blogger Life FB page! My favorite moment of 2014 had to be the birth of my son on January 5th. First birthday is right around the corner. Most exciting and challenging year of my life!!!

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