4 Really Cool Etsy Shops!

I am often amazed at the generosity of people! My students have worked hard to improve their grades all year. I give them star stickers for 80% or higher on assessments or left over homework passes at the end of each term. The last Monday of school, they will cash in all their star stickers for “money” for an auction I’m holding. I have been to a few dollar stores and gotten a few items. Then, I gathered up courage, one of my best teacher outfits, and my teacher badge and went to local restaurants asking for excellent student gift cards or coupons. Thankfully, I received a few! I then decided to take it one step further. I created my very first media kit…a very plain, simple one…and took my addition as a blogger along with being a teacher to Etsy shops that not only had school-related items, but also geeky items that my students would love.

And guess what! A few of them jumped at the chance to send some free products! I was surprised! I’m not a very big blogger! Could they trust my intents? How kind of them!

So, I decided to pay it forward and share these items and the shops they came from!

My students and I both love Marvel and D.C. comics and movies. We often have conversations about the movies and the different heroes during carpool. Many of them have their lockers or binders decorated with pictures of their favorite heroes. They are so excited to be 8th graders next year, because one novel is about a hero, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and one of their projects is to compare him to their favorite hero! So, this is a perfect shop to donate to the auction!

I am absolutely in love with the Avengers stickers! They are so adorable! And, they are a great size, as well! I know my students will definitely fight during the auction for them. And the buttons are really neat, too. Justin and I had fun naming each super hero based off the symbols. I know my students will decorate their backpacks, lunchboxes, and pencil holders with these!
Check out Studio Fliff for more geeky merchandise!
Grammar is huge in my school. My students all can label and diagram complex sentences…and by complex, I also mean simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences! Some are even as good as me! I know this because sometimes I race them! In a world where public education is veering away from the classic knowledge of grammar, I think this item is perfect!

I absolutely love, love, love this pendant! I am secretly hoping that no one bids on it so that I can keep it! Rosie was super fast with her service, and sent it in such a cute package! She does  ton of pendants, both modern and vintage. They have quotes on them, pictures on them, basically, everything! I’d definitely use her shop for birthday or Christmas gifts!
Check out Rosie’s Pendants shop for other neat necklaces!
My students live in the world of printables. Each day, they come into my classroom seeing our class motto created by Designs By Tiffany, that says, “Be Awesome Today”, and a Whovian print created by Honey Lemon Designs that says, “Allonsy”. I’ve also seen different prints in their lockers. So, I know that a “cool” school print would not only get me points with my students, but also with the other teachers and my principal!
I love this poster! And, it fits perfectly into a frame! So, my students, once they bid on this, can hang it in their locker, slip into the front cover of a binder, or even hang it up at home! Lyndsi does a ton of other prints, as well as personalized paper items and iPhone cases! There is so much to chose from her shop!
Check out Pink and Lime Designs shop here!

Like I mentioned, many of my students love Marvel. Many have already seen the second Avengers movies…and I haven’t! I really need too! But, they also love Pokemon a lot. They bring binders and tins full of cards to class to trade while waiting for their carpool. While I can’t name most of the Pokemon nowadays, I was a huge fan as a child myself. I root for the original 150 and even the 2nd generation. So, I was really excited to see these posters, and I know my students will go crazy with them!

I absolutely love these posters! The size, the colors, the style, the fonts, everything! They are so clean and crisp and appealing! I didn’t even want to take them out of the packaging to take pictures of them! Captains Print Shop also does other geeky, sci-fi movie posters like Star Wars, videogames like Bioshock, and Disney movie posters, all of this same style!

To check out Captains Print Shop, click here.

Not only do I have Marvel and Pokemon fans, I also have fellow Star Wars and Whovian fans. So, I knew I had to pay homage to these as well. I have a Doctor Who print in my classroom, and many of my current and previous students have conversations with me about the current, and previous seasons of Doctor Who.
I absolutely love these prints! Not only can they be motivational for English class, but they are also printed on dictionary pages!! How cool! They are also very durable, not flimsy, which makes it even better!
To check out more of Linda’s stuff, check out her shop here!
Which of these Etsy shops peaks your interest?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. What a great idea! I would have never thought to ask Etsy shops for donations for student gifts. I'll pass this on to my teacher friends. 🙂 What grammar curriculum do you use? It's rare to hear of students learning and knowing how to diagram these days!

  2. We've developed our own…it is actually quite similar to the one Challenger Private Schools use, as our English Dept head came from one the local branches of Challenger.

  3. What a cool end-of-year activity/celebration. I hope to use some sorts of "fun" motivational prizes like that if the future leads me to a smaller class or school–I haven't used anything cool like stickers or prizes much at all this year because of the logistics of 500 kids. And, as a bit of a Marvel fan myself, I think those shops are pretty cool, too!

  4. Wow, you've collected some awesome items for your students, and your auction idea is so fun!. They're going to have a blast trying to get the items they like most.
    That grammar pendant is amazing, I absolutely love it!!

  5. TAYLER. Can we just talk about how cool of a teacher you are?!?! This is such a fun, creative idea! Your students must love you. And major props to you for putting yourself out there to get everything. You rock! (And I LOVE that Get Schooled poster!)


  6. Ya, that would be pretty difficult to do w/ 500 kids! Even in my old public school were I had 6 classes of 30+! Thankfully, I only teach a grand total of 30! seventh graders this year as a part-timer!

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