A Bloody Scare

“Crap!” I said as I woke up at 3AM on Monday morning, thinking I peed my pants.

But, as I went to the bathroom, I realized it was the wrong color. Blood was coming out as well, and soaked through my bottoms. I told Justin, and we rushed to the hospital.
We didn’t expect anything like this to happen and we weren’t prepared at all–I was going to pack all the hospital bags on Monday.
The whole way there, I was crying. I didn’t know why I was bleeding. I was just sleeping and my OB had mentioned numerous times that I was having a “text-book” pregnancy. I was scared. I also wasn’t feeling Rhys, which scared me even more.
Thankfully, once we got the hospital, I got changed, and hooked up to different machines, I could feel Rhys move. One of the machines also measured his heart-rate, which was perfectly normal. Those two small things really calmed me down. Another machine they hooked me up to measured contractions, which apparently I was having and didn’t even notice! A couple blood samples were taken and I lay in bed, shakily waiting for the results to see how much blood I was losing. (In all honesty, it wasn’t a lot. It felt like having a normal menstrual cycle, except for the fact that I was 37 weeks pregnant!)
My OB was contacted and made aware of the situation. An ultra-sound was brought to the room. They wanted to see if it was placenta previa or if the placenta was tearing off the walls. They couldn’t find evidence for either. And the blood results said I wasn’t losing a lot of blood. The nurse mentioned my OB would be in soon and there were a few possibilities: inducement and/or C-section, or maybe, just maybe, observation for 24 hours and being sent home. That was the worst–waiting to find out what the plan would be!
By this time, it was Monday morning and my OB came in. He said they weren’t sure why I was bleeding, but was glad that it was lightening up. My contractions were irregular, meaning, I’d have regular (tiny) contractions for a bit, then sporadic/no contractions for a bit, cycling over and over. My pain level was under a 4 the whole time–mainly just felt like menstrual cramps. He wanted to keep me all of Monday to see how my bleeding went. If I continued to bleed, then he’d induce me, and if needs be, if Rhys was having trouble, or I was still losing too much blood, a C-Section. So, it was the horrible “hurry-up and wait” game. Justin and I mentally prepared ourselves for the possibility of coming home with a baby three weeks before he was due. We were a little nervous, but, we wanted to do whatever was best for Rhys and I.
My parents drove down from Farmington and spent a few hours with us, which gave Justin some time to go home, shower, and grab both of us a few essentials, especially if I were to be induced. It was more comforting than I thought it would be to have my mom there for me. She only lives an hour away, but having her there, in the same room, was very nice.
I stopped bleeding by the afternoon, but they still kept me on the liquid diet just in case they wanted to induce me. But, as the evening rolled around, I was allowed to eat. I would have an appointment with a high-risk pregnancy specialist in the morning and together, he and my OB would decide the best course. So, there was a possibility of me going back on the liquid diet in the morning, but they wanted me to have as much energy as possible stored up just in case I needed it for labor. Justin and I settled in for the night. And I will say, spending all day on that hospital bed, in the same position (with the few exceptions of me having to use the bathroom), my butt was aching! I longed to lay on my side, but I really couldn’t. I longed to sit up and dangle my legs over the edge, but I couldn’t. I longed to walk around, but I couldn’t.
The night was manageable. I slept on and off, as did my husband on his couch-bed. In the morning, they brought me a big breakfast of delicious french toast. They took my blood and watched the machines for a little bit. I hadn’t bled through the night, which was a good sign. My OB came in and said that after my appointment at 11, I’d most likely go home, but he wanted to see me about twice a week until I gave birth, just to keep an eye on me.
The time came for my appointment, and I was wheeled down the hall to an ultrasound room. After the technician took pictures and measurements, the specialist came in. He said that the placenta wasn’t ruptured, there was plenty of fluid, and the umbilical cord was healthy and in tact, so they still have no idea why I was bleeding. But, then he said that even though the body and limbs of Rhys were measuring just fine, the abdomen was a few weeks behind. I’m 37 weeks and 4 days. Rhys’s abdomen is measuring 34 weeks. His kidneys are also backed up in work, which means that he may have urinary track infections when he is born. (It may also mean that he is like his mom–I was born two weeks late and only 6lbs 7oz.) So, that was a little nerve-wracking, but no lethal danger. He also said that he wanted to run tests on me, in addition to my OB’s, twice a week until Rhys was born. He said that because of Rhys was measuring, if I had not gone into labor by 39 weeks, they were going to induce me (which means only 10 more days!). But, he also warned that if I started bleeding again (which if you bleed once, they said, there was a very high chance that’d you’d bleed again), we needed to immediately come back and they’d immediately induce me. They didn’t want to risk me losing more blood than was healthy or risk it contaminating the placenta.
So, I am home for now, on strict orders to be careful and rest up. It’s almost like they put me on bedrest, but not quite. I can move around, but I can’t do any lifting. They also say they don’t want me excersing (which, to be honest, I hadn’t been doing anyway) or going on adventures (which they said was walking around the mall). I am trying to be as careful as I can now. I’m a little worried about how this apartment is going to get packed and how we’re going to move when I can’t do anything. Justin’s worried that I’ll start bleeding again by the end of this week. But, one way or the other, instead of waiting 3 or 4 more weeks, we’ll have our son within 10 days and that’s kind of exciting!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. Oh my gosh scary!! I'm so sorry! At least you're only three weeks away so you probably don't have to worry about his lung development. Good luck! Keep us posted. I think you should live tweet labor, it's so much fun.

  2. I bet you're glad you never started a part-time job! jk Enjoy this time to yourself to rest and catch up on all those books you want to read! I can help you pack on Thursday or Friday afternoon if you need it. Just let me know.

  3. Oh, that had to be very scary!! My Mom got put on total bedrest for the last two months of her pregnancy with my baby sister and she thought bedrest was pretty much torture. But you're so close to the end and to meeting Rhys!

  4. I agree. I'm on "modified" bedrest and my family and husband are all freaking out (I'm the oldest, so it's not only my first baby, but it's the first nephew/niece and the first grandbaby).

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