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I love my 7th period. They are full of ideas, full of smiles, full of laughter. And, even though they love to have fun and talk, they know how to balance that out with hard work. They are probably my favorite class.

When I redirect attention to me after transitions or to give more instructions, I have two girls who will always stand up and salute me. They won’t sit down until I salute them back.

Well, today, they all worked very hard and were able to tackle a very heavy excerpt of  Jonathon Edwards’s “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” sermon from the Great Awakening.They all finished quite quickly. We still had 10 minutes left.

Thankfully, our Journalism staff at Springville Junior High delivered the school’s first issue of our Jr. High’s newspaper today. In it was an article about the 8th grade States Competition (California!). I had a few of my students be in the top 16 out of the entire 8th grade. Another article was about a girl in our period who plays on the boy’s football team! Way to go Title 9! Then, there were a few spotlights on some new teachers (including me). So, they were occupied for the last 10 minutes.

However, 3 of them weren’t. (Two of these happen to be the saluters.) These 3 discovered yesterday that I love anime and Avatar: the Last Airbender. They also have other good, hilarious conversations with me. So, they asked if they could leave me notes on my whiteboard. I said yes.

Boy am I glad I did.

A bit of it does have to do with the 13 colonies, which we focused on that day, but most of it had to do with anime!

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  1. We love Avatar, too! And that Sokka quote happens to be one of our all time favorites. I'm glad that you have a great group of kids who know how to truly connect with a great teacher. 🙂

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