A Month of Confidence

If you couldn’t have guessed it, I have actually been suffering with a small amount of postpartum depression. Add that to my anxiety and lowered self-image and self-esteem, and I’ve become a wreck.

It’s been so very hard the past two and a half months trying to balance being a wife, mom, homemaker, teacher, daughter/sister, and blogger, as well as try to enjoy time for myself, and not to mention this summer moving, and Justin trying to finish his education and finding a job. I’ve an anxiety attacks, days where I’ve given up on teacher responsibilities, days where I needed Justin to be the main parent, days where I’ve let the house look like a pigsty, days where I don’t believe I’ll be as fit as I once was, and honestly, . (That’s not to say I haven’t had really good days, too.)
Well, I’ve decided enough is enough. It’s time to change the way I’m thinking. I’m tired of being stressed out and unhappy. I want to be confident. 
Confident in how I look and feel, confident in my relationships and roles, confident in everything I do and think.
So, I’ve decided that next month, I’m going to dedicate each week to working on a different aspect of confidence. Every Sunday, I’ll make a goal here on the blog for that aspect of confidence. I’ll open it up to be a link-up (I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to improve their confidence.
Sunday, November 2: Confidence in image and health
Sunday, November 9: Confidence in all relationships
Sunday, November 16: Confidence in work and hobbies
Sunday, November 23: Confidence in house and home
Sunday, November 30: Reflection on a Month of Confidence

I suggest that you also keep a confidence journal. I am, and each day I will have 3 lists:
1) Drops of Awesome–little things I did or accomplished
2) Little Moments–I have a quote in my living room that says, “Enjoy the little things in life, for someday they will be the big things.”
3) Grateful List–small blessings

I’ve also made a button each week for if you want to participate =)
Come join in A Month of Confidence with The Morrell Tale

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. I may not be a blogger or a new mom, but I have appreciated reading your confidence posts; they have helped me take a look at my own confidence in these areas and see what I can do, too. 🙂 (I know, I'm totally commenting on the wrong post, but I've been reading them backwards.) I hope it's helping you through your postpartum depression, anxiety, self-image, and overall stress!

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