Baby #2 Bumpdate | 15 Weeks

15 weeks baby bump update with baby #2.

It’s been a few weeks since we announced to the world that I was pregnant with baby #2.  So, since I am in my second trimester and already 15 weeks along, I’ve decided to do my first baby bumpdate! I love doing these–it’s so fun to see how I change throughout the pregnancy, and it’s a nice way to keep the record. (And now, I can compare it to my pregnancy with Rhys!)

15 weeks baby bump update with baby #2.

Weight Gain: Right before I got pregnant, I got tired of my weight…I had never lost all of Rhys’s baby weight, and after I started taking medication for my PPD and anxiety, I put some more on. So, I was motivated to lose some weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I started running every day and working out as well as eating well. Then, most mornings, I got dizzy after my workouts…which haven’t happened since I got an inhaler for my asthma. My appetite also started to wain. I lost 4 pounds the first month I was pregnant–and didn’t know I was pregnant!

But, since then, I’ve gained it all back. So, beginning weight: 165 lbs. Current weight: 164.5 lbs.

15 weeks baby bump update with baby #2.

Size of Baby: Apple or fist.

Sleep: During the 1st trimester, I woke up 1-3 times a night to pee. It also doesn’t help that Rhys has been going through a sleep regression lately and waking up a few times at night or super early. I’ve also had to give up my “Tayler-time”/work time during Rhys’s nap to nap myself.

15 weeks baby bump update with baby #2.

Symptoms: This first trimester has been a lot rougher than with Rhys. When I had Rhys, I was a little nauseous continuously, but teaching full-time didn’t give me a lot of time to pay attention to my symptoms. However, now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom to a rambunctious toddler, and the fact that we went through some financial stress with Justin being laid-off, plus my sister getting married, it was a lot harder. I was constantly tired, constantly nauseous, constantly weak, and threw-up a few times a week. I also had about a month or so of terrible neck/back/shoulder pain which caused horrible headaches. So bad that I couldn’t even take care of Rhys. My OB said it was tension headaches and to massage them nightly and use heat pads on my neck and shoulders. Thankfully now that I’m in the 2nd trimester, I have a lot more energy, haven’t thrown-up in weeks, and barely have headaches/neck pain.

15 weeks baby bump update with baby #2.

Food Cravings: TAMALES! That was the main one! I made sure that our fridge constantly had tamales from the store. I got mad when someone else ate them! Also, tuna. I know I shouldn’t have a lot because of the mercury content, but I was obsessed with tuna melts, tuna salads, tuna sandwiches. Cereal! I’ve eaten a lot of Special K.

Food Aversions: These! Which is so annoying because they were my favorite snack before I got pregnant. But, after I got pregnant, just the mere thought of them made me gag. Also, greasy food…well, at least the process of cooking it.

15 weeks baby bump update with baby #2.

Rhys: Rhys is barely two years old, so weknow he won’t understand a lot about me being pregnant. But, we have been trying to teach him that “there is a baby in Momma’s belly.” We’ve been teaching him to not kick me or jump on me. We’ve also been letting him play with a baby doll, showing him how to hold the baby softly, feed the baby a bottle, and rock the baby.

Here is Rhys’s 13 week and 17 week baby bumpdates.

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  1. How sweet, congrats! Getting to that second semester is a celebration! I have had 6 babies and they are all about 2 years apart. It’s pretty ideal spacing.

  2. I am so excited for you guys. Our little girl comes in November and we can’t be more excited! I bet you are just as excited. Enjoy 2nd trimester! It has been so much better for me, and I hope it continues to be better for you.

  3. Fifteen weeks – gosh, you’re almost half way!
    I was so much more nauseous with Julia than with Marcus! I’m guessing it now, and saying girl!. 🙂

  4. So sweet! My second pregnancy flew by because I was so busy with the toddler, you just have much less time to think about it! It’s great that you’re recording it here.

    1. The fact that we moved in the middle of this pregnancy (still unpacking, actually) has definitely help speed along the process!

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