Baby #2 Bumpdate | 20 Weeks

Can you believe it? 20 weeks! I’m already half-way done with this pregnancy! And, again, so many people are doubting that I’m actually that pregnant!

20 weeks for baby #2

Gender | Girl! It’s a girl!

Name | Evelyn Morgan. If any of you take that name, I’ll hate you forever!


Size of Baby | Banana

Clothing | I am avoiding wearing most of my shirts–they feel tight and show all the pudges and rolls I now have. I need more short sleeve loose shirts. I am half-way into my maternity pants. However, my non-maternity jeans are all getting just a tad uncomfortable to wear.

20 weeks for baby #2

Weight Gain | Four pounds since my last check up…so I’m around 168lbs. It’s understandable with the horrible eating habits I’ve been having this past month of moving and setting up house. But, I started working out again…very low intensity 20-minute workouts at home at least 3 times a week. I’m also going to be better about not eating out (which will help us financially) and being smarter about what I chose to eat.

Sleep | I’ve been getting up once or twice to go pee. However, this past week has been really hard since Rhys has woken up numerous times during the night and early in the morning. I hope we aren’t having another regression. And, earlier this week, I had a nightmare that I started to bleed again and was really close to losing my baby girl! It really upset me, because honestly, that is the biggest fear I have.

20 weeks for baby #2

Symptoms | Lots of aches and pains. I feel bigger and I feel slower and I feel heavier. Not necessarily heavier weight, but like something is weighing me down, like I’m exhausted. I’ve also had another wave of exhaustion and headaches.

Food Cravings | Pepsi. Cereal. Sandwiches with the works.

Food Aversions | Not really.

20 weeks for baby #2

Other | When the radiologist told me it was a girl, I was on cloud 9. I wanted a girl so badly I was resigned to it being a boy. I almost didn’t believe the radiologist! And seeing Evelyn on the screen during the ultrasound! Knowing that she’s measuring big (the opposite of Rhys), and that she has a long, strong spine. It just made my heart soar! She also loves moving and kicking already. There are sometimes that her kicks are just as powerful as Rhys’s was during my 3rd trimester! I (half) joke with Justin that that fact makes me a little nervous about the power of her kicks when I’m 37 weeks!

20 weeks for baby #2

Rhys | Rhys came with me to my appointment and when I pointed out his baby sister on the screen, he said “oooohhh.” We pointed out the baby’s head and he pointed to his head. We told him the name and her nickname “Eevee” (yes, like the Pokemon–we are geeks after all). Rhys said, “ee-ee”. He then pointed to himself, “eehs” and back at her, “ee-ee”. We went shopping for the Evelyn and got a few onesies. Rhys hugged them to himself and said, “eehs”. I told him, no, it wasn’t for him, it was for his baby sister. So, he hugged it, and scrunched his fists up to his mouth, which is his way of saying, “it’s so cute.” Then, he put the onesie on my tummy. He is so adorable! He’ll be a great brother!

Here is Evelyn’s 18 week update.

Here is Rhys’s 20 week update and gender reveal.

20 weeks for baby #2

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