Baby #2 Bumpdate | 24 Weeks

Baby #2 Evelyn. 23 weeks bumpdate.

Time seems to be slowing down, while still speeding up. The days seem to go by fast and it’s getting closer and closer to the New Year, but the weeks are going by slowly. It’s only been three weeks since I last posted a bumpdate and I am only 23 weeks, but I seem so much further along then that. Maybe it’s a combination of how big I look and feel and how hot it is–pretty much what it was like the last month or two of my first pregnancy!

Baby #2 Evelyn. 23 weeks bumpdate.

Gender and Name | Girl: Evelyn Morgan Morrell.

Size of Baby | Mango. But, Evelyn is measuring a bit on the big size and they’ve changed her due date!

Due Date | January 2nd…no longer January 5th-7th. Which means, I may have a New Year’s baby and it’s even more possible for a Christmas baby. I don’t want a Christmas baby. Stay in there Evelyn until after Christmas please!

Baby #2 Evelyn. 23 weeks bumpdate.

Weight Gain | 171 lbs with clothes…so I’m guessing around 169ish? This is getting to be the heaviest I’ve ever been. I think I was like 175ish right before Rhys was born.

Clothing | Maternity pants only. Thankfully, I have a lot more this year than I did last…but then again, I was mostly wearing skirts and dresses while teaching. For shirts, I’m wearing my loose fitting shirts, tanks and cardigans, boyfriend tees, and Justin’s actual t-shirts.

Baby #2 Evelyn. 23 weeks bumpdate.

Sleep | I wake up 1-3 times a night to go pee or to roll over (and go pee). I sleep in more. I used to get up right before Justin left for work, now, more often than not, I wake up when Rhys wakes me up.

Symptoms | I’ve been getting round ligament pain…it’s just about almost always there. Most of the time, it’s very slight pain and easily forgettable. However, sometimes, it’s gotten so bad that I couldn’t do anything but lay down and wince. I’ve also been getting exhausted a lot more easily.

Baby #2 Evelyn. 23 weeks bumpdate.

Food Cravings | Gummies! We bought a pack of 80+ Welch gummies from Costco about two weeks ago, and it’s been a terrible temptation I’ve given into numerous times a day.

Food Aversions | None really.

Baby #2 Evelyn. 23 weeks bumpdate.

Other | I love feeling Evelyn kick. She’s very strong and sometimes it makes me wonder how bad it’ll be the last few weeks!! I’m having to start pushing the seat belt under the bump to be comfortable in the car. I can’t lay on my stomach anymore and sometimes I crave that! Often, I suffer from some low self-confidence in how I look. I’m getting pudgy in places other than just my belly and I don’t like it…especially my chin and neck area. And, I’m getting a lot of acne this time whereas with Rhys, my skin was clearest it had been for years. I know that my body is working hard to give me a healthy daughter, and I’m so thankful for that, but my self-image has always been temperamental.

Rhys | Having a baby in Momma’s tummy is old news. He doesn’t care anymore. Haha. Although, he does love to take out the clothes and blankets we have stashed for Evelyn out of their drawers and reorganize them. He has successfully been weaned from a bottle and transitioned to a toddler bed. He successfully only has pacies during naptime and bedtime and is getting more aware of his bowel movements. I think that he will fully be a “preschooler” when Evelyn comes and be potty trained!

Baby #2 Evelyn. 23 weeks bumpdate.

Here is Evelyn’s 20 week update.

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  1. Isn’t it crazy how different each pregnancy is? I was always comparing how different Marcus and Julia were. And, once that little lady is here you’ll forget about it all!

    1. I think it’s so fun comparing my pregnancies…but it’ll probably be even funner to compare their milestones and stuff once Evelyn is actually born!

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