Baby #2 Bumpdate | 33 Weeks

Baby #2 33 week bumpdate

It’s been over a month since I last did a bumpdate! Since my last bumpdate at 28 weeks, we’ve had a mini baby shower hosted by Justin’s coworkers, got a ton of baby clothes for Evelyn, bought a mom car (2008 Mazda CX-9), and set up plane tickets for my family to come for New Years! We also set an induction date for Evelyn: December 29th. But, I’m hoping she’ll come before then. Her official due date is January 2, but we’d prefer if she came in 2016.

Baby #2 33 week bumpdate

Gender and Name | Evelyn Morgan — girl.

Size of Baby | Lettuce Head…we are pretty sure she’s gotten head down now!

Due Date | January 2, 2017…but, we are having her induced December 29, 2016.

Weight Gain | I don’t like the scale anymore. I have a ton  of purple stretch marks all over my belly and thighs. Blech.

Clothing | All maternity clothes. I love my Old Navy maternity leggings.

Baby #2 33 week bumpdate

Sleep | Sometimes I only get up once to go pee. But, more recently, it’s been waking up at 5:30 AM to go pee, then back to bed for another 30-90 minutes before Rhys gets up. I’m also only taking naps maybe 33-50% of the time.

Symptoms | Pelvic and round ligament pain like nothing else! I also pull my thigh muscles all the time. Sometimes, it’s super hard to even walk! I’ve also gotten a few headaches.

Food Cravings | Dessert. Pepsi. Donuts. McDonalds’ Egg McMuffins.

Food Aversions | none really.

Baby #2 33 week bumpdate

Rhys | He is learning the difference between boys and girls. He knows that he and Justin are boys and Momma and Baby Evie are girls. He knows that the new clothes we are buying are for Baby Evie and are cute. Everytime there is a baby on a commercial, we try to explain to him, that’s a baby and we are going to have a baby soon. We tried potty training, hoping to only have one in diapers come New Years, but failed.

Here is Evelyn’s 28 week update.

Here is Rhys’s 32 week update.

Baby #2 33 week bumpdate

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    1. I’d love some tips! I only had like 2 small unnoticeable ones from Rhys, but they were always covered by a swim suit…but these ones on my thighs won’t be covered with swimsuits. And I used to be so proud of my legs–I feel they are one of my best features!

      1. One the baby gives birth, you’ll want to exfoliate aggressively twice per week! Like real exfoliating beads.
        DO that for at least three months and you WILL see a difference. None of the creams work, so don’t waste your money on special “stretch mark” stuff, but make sure you’re skin is very well hydrated. Affordable cocoa butter will do the trick.
        Unfortunately, nothing will make them go away and your skin will not regain its elasticity. It’s just part of the struggle.

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