Baby #2 Bumpdate | 38 Weeks

Baby #2 Bumpdate | 38 weeks.

It’s my last bumpdate! I’m getting induced on the 29th, if Evelyn doesn’t decide to come before than, which she may. I’m already a little dilated and effaced, and I’ve been having cramps and Braxton Hicks a lot the past week. We have finally finished deep scrubbing the apartment, all my nesting is done, Justin is finishing some projects, and our bags are packed. Aside from celebrating Christmas Day, we are ready for our daughter’s arrival.

Also, it shows how ready I am to be done with this pregnancy and how sore I’ve been with these pictures: quick, tripod pictures done indoors! Not the best quality, but it pretty much shows what I’ve been wearing recently (keeping both comfortable and a little stylish) and where I’m spending most of my time.

Baby #2 Bumpdate | 38 weeks.

Gender and Name | Evelyn Morgan — girl.

Size of Baby | Length of a leek…she is measuring average, and is head down!

Due Date | January 2, 2017…but, we are having her induced December 29, 2016.

Baby #2 Bumpdate | 38 weeks.

Weight Gain | I’m getting close to where I don’t want to be, but I don’t think I’ll hit that max weight, thankfully. I can’t weight to start getting rid of the weight…although I won’t be able to properly exercise until mid-February!

Clothing | Maternity leggings, maternity shirts, Justin’s shirts, oversized cardigans.

Sleep | I’m taking a nap almost every day. I’m so glad that Rhys is such a great nap taker (2-3 hours!). I hope that continues and at least one of Evelyn’s naps will match up with his so I can sleep too. At night, I have no idea how often I wake up–it’s a lot. Typically it’s to pee and rearrange myself to try to find a semi-comfortable position. Laying on my side is super painful in my pelvic region.

Baby #2 Bumpdate | 38 weeks.

Symptoms | Pelvic and round ligament pain like nothing else! I hate laying down on my side, although it’s the most comfortable way to sleep/lay down. I always have to have a pillow between my legs. Braxton Hicks and cramps a lot. Any day now…. And exhaustion like no other. If I “overdo it” (which to me, shouldn’t be considered overdoing it!!!), my lower back to my knees is in pain!

Food Cravings | Pepsi, donuts, cupcakes, chocolate, cereal.

Food Aversions | none really.

Baby #2 Bumpdate | 38 weeks.

Rhys | Rhys can say baby “day-dee” (he has an issue with his “d’s” and his “b’s” and knows Evie’s name. He points out babies in commercials. He’s (re)discovered the baby toys and is interested in them. He gives hugs and kisses to my stomach. The challenge right now is putting Rhys to bed. He’ll go through the bed time routine like a champ, then every 5 minutes or so for the next 45 minutes, he’ll open the door, pop his head out, and mutter to us until we make him get back in bed. I really hope this isn’t a long-lasting phase!

Here is Evelyn’s 33 week bumpdate

Here is Rhys’s 36 week bumpdate

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