Blogger Men Tell All: Halloween edition

It’s time for the second round of Blogger Men Tell All! I’ll let Justin take it from here.

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? If not, what is?
The only thing I quite like about Halloween is the mass amounts of chocolate and candy. It is also the thing I hate the most. I have a slight tendency to eat a lot more than I should. So when Halloween comes around, stuff gets eaten.
And then I get really sick and lay around the next day.

Thanksgivings are far better. Simply because it is socially acceptable and expected to eat more than you should, get sick and lay around the whole day. 

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Well, I dislike shaving. So I haven’t in a while. And so now I have this beard.

So I’m going Sabertooth a la Xmen Origins:
I’m even thinking about doing some sharpened press-on nails for the claws

What is your go-to drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?
I’m quite the beer connoisseur. I do Root beer, Apple beer, Ginger beer, Birch beer…..
OK, so I don’t drink alcohol. So Root beer is the answer for both questions.

What is your favorite scary movie?
So, I don’t watch scary movies, so I guess I’ll answer with the scariest movie I ever saw.  Ghostbusters.

I was 7.   Don’t judge me.

What is your best Halloween memory?

My parents were gone for the night, my older sister was manning the trick-or-treaters, and I was alone, in my basement, playing video games and eating a large Metro’s Pizza.

I love Pizza.

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