Book Review | Reckless

4 of 5 stars
Reckless by Cornelia Funke
Another one of Cornelia Funke’s mix of modernity and fantasy. Only this time, she focuses on fairy tales rather than mythical creatures.

Will wasn’t supposed to find out about the Mirrorworld his older brother Jacob often escaped to, but he did. And now, stone is growing over his skin, turning him into the fabled Jade Goyl. Jacob sets off on a quest to find the cure before his borther is lost forever in the midst of the war between the imperials and the Goyls. Can he beat the Dark Fairy and time itself?

With this novel, Funke has grown up a bit–it is a bit more mature and darker than her other books, especially Dragon Rider and The Theif Lord, but is only a step up from Inkdeath. Funke does a good job creating well-rounded characters, ones with their own foibles that we come to love.

As always, Funke does a wonderful job mixing fantasy and reality. Her Mirrorworld is a world based on Grimm’s fairy tales, but this world is reaching an Industrial Age, aching to catch up to our world. I love seeing her interpretation of how that affects fairy tale creatures.

As always, I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Reading ability-wise and content-wise, I would recommend it to 8th graders or higher.

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