Book Review | Coraline Graphic Novel

3 of 5 stars
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
I first heard of this story as a clay-action movie. I own it, and I love it. But then, when I was looking for a graphic novel to read for my YA Lit class, I saw this! YAAY! Then, only did I realize that the graphic novel is “based off the novel and now a major motion picture.” So, there is a real novel somewhere out there I have to read too.

Coraline Jones has just moved into a new house with her family–the attic is owned by eccentric Mr. Bobo and the Forcible sisters live in the basement. Coraline finds a door that leads to nowhere, but opens for her and leads her straight to her other mother. Should she trust her other mother who wants to sew buttons in her eyes and love her for eternity, or stay in the boring, monotuous life she has?

I read a lot of anime, so that is what I am basing this review off. Anime allows the picture to do the explaining, the telling, a lot of times, however, in this book, every single picture has description, even those where the action shows us anyway. Now I know why my roommmate, an Animation major, says she doesn’t care for Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels–he does too much telling instead of showing. “Pictures are worth a 1000 words.”

Still, it was interesting to see the differences between the movie and this graphic novel.

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