Book Review | Kit's Wilderness

3 of 5 stars
Kit's Wilderness by David Almond
This was a very interesting, almost paranormal, fiction. However, it took a variety of sharp turns in numerous places.

Kit is from an old mining family and has just moved back to the old mining town where a few other children play a game called “Death.” As he becomes better friends with Allie and Askew, Kit learns the importance of stories and how they can become truth.

So, for the first 50 pages or so, I thought Kit was a girl! But then again, I grew up on American Girls and Kit was one of them.

Also what confused me a lot is the fact that other than the town name, we never know exactly where Kit is…I am guessing Wales, Ireland, or England, just based on some of the character traits of the old mining families.

The beginning was very grasping. It built up a lot of suspense and even though they got caught playing “Death” a 1/3rd way through, I knew there was still something bigger and darker to come. However, the ending was very lackluster and anti-climatic, I thought. Especially because Almond seemed to be leading the reader into a paranormal winter. (I won’t say more than that because I don’t want to spoil the ending.)

I do really love how Almond describes the process of storytelling: how you write what you dream and end up dreaming what you write. Story telling is truth and imagination at the same time. Writing is magic. All of these descriptions is exactly how I, as a writer, feel.

Pretty good book to curl up next to a fire and drink hot chocolate with. Middle school aged teens would even enjoy it.

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