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The Help by Kathryn Stockett
So, I know a ton of people who have read this. I thought of it as a Hipster book. Wasn’t that interested. I mean, I probably would have picked it up at some point, but not while it was a craze. Then, I saw a preview for it, because it is going to be a movie!
I was hooked!!!
  1. It has three points of view: Aibeleen and Minny (both maids) and Skeeter. In the back of the book, Stockett admits she was nervous about being able to properly portray 1960 African-American maids, but I think she did a very good job and with the 3 distinct personalities, we can see the story develop in a very interesting way.
  2. It is almost stream-of-thought or personal essay written. There are a lot of flashbacks or reflection between the 3 women, which helps give insight without having weird skips ahead in time.
  3. I love books about books! This one is about writing a book about what is actually happening in the book! YAAY!
  4. It uses Ebonics!
  1. Sometimes the stream-of-though flashbacks or reflections can get a little confusing in the time-line.
  2. Even though the ending was good, it was still at the same time a little unsatisfying.
For her first novel, Kathryn Stockett did a very good job! And I can’t wait for two more weeks so I can see the movie with my mom and my sister!
My Rating
5/5 stars!

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