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I was very blessed to be able to receive a free copy of Scott Jarvie’s American Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as part of his campaign on Faith in America. This is book #2 of the project. The first book is about religious buildings of many different religions in America, whereas this second book focuses solely on LDS Temples.

When I first picked this book up, I was astounded at how big and thick it was. I was excited to know that there are more than one spread for each temple in the United States. I had fun just flipping though the pages and looking at the beautiful photography.
 I had been to many of these temples before, either on the outside as a visitor, or inside as a member. So, it was neat to relive those experiences by looking back at the pictures, reading building information and interesting facts, as well as learning about other members’ experiences with each temple. 
I loved seeing all the Utah temples, especially the iconic and all-time favorite, Salt Lake City temple, and the Jordan River Temple (where Justin and I got married) and learning the history of that temple.
But, when I turned the page to this temple, my heart ached.
This is the Washington, D.C. temple. I grew up in its boundaries. The youth in my congregation would go to this temple many times and do proxy baptisms for the dead. We would also walk around the grounds during Christmas. Now, Temple Square in Salt Lake City is known for its Christmas lights, nativity, and decorations. However, I truly believe that the D.C. Temple could easily compete in beauty and awe. My favorite part of the temple grounds is this reflecting pool that you can see on the picture above. It perfectly reflects the temple. How I wish that I was able to go back inside the temple, now that I am older and have more access, to do other religious work. 
I absolutely love this book and was so excited to receive it. My only regret is that it only contains the United States’s temples. There are so many more LDS Temples around the world. Of course, it is very easy to Google pictures of them online, but to have it in a beautifully put-together book like this would be amazing.
To find out more information on American Temples, Scott Jarvie’s photography, or his campaign on American Faith, check out his website here.
If you are Mormon, what is your favorite temple and why? If not, what is your favorite American religious building and why?

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  1. I love the National Cathedral in D.C. It's such an amazing and impressive place to tour and pray.

  2. Huh Scott Jarvie did some of my friends' wedding photography- didn't know he had grown his business so much- good for him! He's great! And my favorite temple is kinda boring- it's gotta be the SLC temple where I was married 🙂

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