Boy, Can He Dance!

Today’s post is inspired by Jen Castagno! (She is absolutely hilarious and trying a post-everyday-in-May challenge, so go check her out.)
Today, Jen was talking about ballet in her childhood and how she loved free dance. Well, I’ve tried dancing in my life, too, however, with terrible results. When I was about 4 or 5, I tried ballet and I still remember the white and silver tutu I had. That didn’t last long. I also tried tumbling and gymnastics around that time…didn’t last long. About the time I was 10ish, mom signed my sister and I up for Jazz Dance. We had black leotards and jazz shoes and everything. It was hard, it was hot, it was boring, and I just wasn’t good at it!
Thankfully, I found soccer and boy can I be graceful and amazing to watch on the soccer field!
Well, my husband, Justin, can dance. His freshman year, he joined the International Folk Dance team, without really any previous experience!
BYU’s International Folk Dance Ensemble learns different cultural dances from all over the world. They preform these dances all over the world as well!
This is the only picture I know of with Justin doing Folk Dance (he’s on the right). See his fake mustache? Kinda funny, I know. 
Justin also took quite a few social dance classes. He loved to dance. But not just formed, choreographed dancing. No. He can also club dance like no tomorrow! There is a youtube video of him and his roommates dancing for an apartment complex talent show and he is by far the best of them all. However, he wants to present it himself sometime.

Justin also loves going to Christmas Around the World.

Christmas Around the World is a special show the International Folk Dance team puts on every year with special Christmas dances. During his freshman year, Justin performed in one. Before I met Justin, I’d been to two of them and I love it because I love watching the different dances and listening to the different music.
When I went with Justin, he was dancing in his seat along with the music–feet moving to beat and not missing a step. He would lean over and whisper to me what dance it was called, which of his buddies were dancing in it, and if he ever did it. He was so excited, and I could tell he wished he was still on the team.

Anyway, last year, Justin’s roommate had to put on a sock hop. Steve was a recreational management major and had to host different parties, social gatherings, etc. So, he hosted this Sock Hop at a local senior center (in order for the actual Soc Hoppers to come). We decided to go not only to support him, but also because it would be fun.

Justin knew swing dancing and the fox trot. So, he tried to teach me to Fox Trot, which is apparently easy to do…

  I could only stay on beat for about half the time. My feet just don’t quickly move to the music! I tried to count the steps and let Justin lead, but I would always mess up. Justin was so patient, but I could tell he was a little frustrated. But we both still had fun.

On numerous other occasions, Justin has turned on music and started dancing with me–Waltzes, and, well, I don’t know what else. But I can tell he misses dancing often. I just wish I didn’t have two left feet!

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