Boys Behind the Blogs–Music and Thanksgiving!!

1. Who is your favorite band/musician?

I have a very interesting music taste, but my biggest love will always be hard/alt rock.  As of right this second, Breaking Benjamin is my favorite.

2. What was your first CD/tape? 

My first CD was the Greatest Hits CD for country artist Clint Black.

3. Who was your first concert? 

I went and saw Christian Metal band (yes, it exists) Blindside.  I was more impressed with their opener band, Three.

4. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Yes…all of it.  The whole thing.  Put it on a table, call it thanksgiving, and It’ll be my favorite.

I make do with my oversized sweatpants, as there are no maternity pants to be had.

5. Finish the sentence: I am thankful for… 

Thanksgiving,  Seriously.  Its my favorite holiday.  Family, football, friends, and food.  I see no other needs in life.

Never The Same Spice Twice

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