Work With Me!

My absolute favorite thing about blogging is the community. I love making and keeping new friends from the blogosphere. And, it’s so much fun to work with you!

For Other Bloggers


I love doing collaborations. I love creating new linkups and series, like the Reading Roundup, Welsh Wednesdays, and What Would You Do. I am a cohost of each of these every month. I am more than willing to create one of these with you!

But, I also love doing one-time post collaborations. 8 Ways to Encourage Your Kids and Summer Bucket List are some of my favorite recent collab posts. This is a great opportunity to work together, get a post on both blogs, and share traffic with each other!

Guest Posts

Since I am no longer doing a sponsorship program, I do require a guest post for a guest post–I am allowed to guest post on your blog if you want to guest post on mine. I feel the best guest posts are ones that are true posts and relate to my categories. I don’t like just having an interview. But, at the end of your guest post, you will have an “about me and my blog” bio, as well as links to all your social media outlets.

For Companies and Shops

Product Reviews

I love trying out new products and sharing them with the world. However, I do expect an actual product in order to give an honest review. I will share this review post on all my social media outlets.  I will put a disclosure at the beginning of the post before any content, per FTC guidelines.

I also love sharing discount codes with my readers (they will be more willing to purchase your product and become a customer) and even hold a giveaway. For giveaways, I will always include all your business/brand/company’s social media outlets to be followed.  However, giveaways must be sponsored in full by the business and they must provide the prize for the winner.

Sponsored Content and Campaigns

The Morrell Tale is a for-profit blog. I will not advertise products, brands, companies, shops for free. If you do not provide a free product, you must provide monetary compensation. This fee is very negotiable.

I am willing to put ads on my sidebar, social media shout outs, and even a blog post. I will put a disclosure at the beginning of the post before any content, per FTC guidelines.