Count Your Many Blessings

“Everything will work out on the Lord’s time.”
How many times have I heard this phrase in the past few months? Too many to count. Honestly, I began to hate that phrase. It wasn’t helping my stress at all. My faith was diminishing. Not my faith in the Gospel, not my faith in the Church, not my faith in Christ, but my faith that everything will work out and the Lord will get us to where we need to be. 
It came to a head about two weeks ago…we had just been informed with some bad news about electives counting for Justin’s major, not being approved for a house, and an interview job scam. I broke down and thought to myself, what are we doing wrong? We read scriptures, we pray, we go to the temple and church, we pay our tithing, we aren’t sinning, and we are doing all in our power to help ourselves before depending on the Lord. Why weren’t we being helped?
Then, about two hours later, I got a call from an agent saying we were approved for a townhome in Sandy and could we come in to sign the lease that week. We had a home for Rhys! Then, later that week, Justin gets a slew of interviews. Then, last week, we learned that Justin actually doesn’t have to take a class, so that’s less for him to worry about this term. Then, he got an interview with a bank that had wanted him months ago (to quit school and work for them full-time–wasn’t gonna happen). And, this weekend, I got about $700 more on my teacher paycheck than expected–curriculum bonus, maybe?
I think that it is God, especially with that first call two hours after the bad housing news, telling me, “I am here. I am helping you. Have more faith. It will work out on my time. You will get to where you need to be and everything will be fine. Trust in me and be grateful for what you do have.”
I definitely am and have been. Justin and I have been so blessed in our marriage. There have been a few scary times, like last year when Justin went to the ER, and then last week when I went to the hospital. But, we’ve never been in dire need. We’ve never been in debt, we’ve never been desperate, we’ve never been without internet or food or a job or friends. We have a nice, quaint apartment with good quality hand-me-down furniture, family on both sides within an hour, steady jobs, great friends, and a pretty good savings account.
So, today I want to list all that I’m feeling thankful for.

– Finding a nice, two-bedroom townhome with a gorgeous kitchen
– Being able to work afternoons, part-time, starting in the fall
– Our savings account continuing to grow this summer
– Everything we’ve been given for Rhys, from parents, family, and friends
– The two amazing baby showers I’ve had with family and friends
– All the love and care our ward has shown us this past week–bringing dinner because of my stupid “modified bedrest” and being able to visit with them at my baby shower. I’m going to miss all of you!
– The hand-me-down furniture we are getting from my parents.
– All the interviews Justin has been getting (cross your fingers for this bank interview–it’d be a great job for us!)
– All the time I’ve been able to have with Justin this summer since I’m not working (last summer, I worked part-time and it was typically in the evening when Justin was home from school for the day)
– My parents and sister living so close to us to help take care of me last week
– Justin not having to take a class, which means less he has to stress about
– Being able to go to the temple two weeks ago
Brooke for taking free maternity pictures
– An opportunity I may have for free newborn pictures
– Although it was scary, having an ultrasound while I was in the hospital to discover a potential health risk for Rhys (abdomen measuring small and kidneys working too hard–not life-threatening) so we know it’ll be better for him to be born this week than wait any longer
– The feelings of peace and happiness the Lord has blessed Justin and I with the past few weeks
– All the support and friends I have IRL and through blogging
Seriously, I can’t say thank you to our friends, family, and Lord enough these past few weeks. And, I’m especially grateful for them for this week: moving and being induced! 
(So, I apologize if, for the next week and a half or so, I’m somewhat absent from social media… I don’t know when we’ll get internet hooked up in our new place and I don’t know how long it’ll take to give birth…)
Wish us luck!
And again, THANKS!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. 🙂 It's very good to take the time to remember the ways in which you are blessed, even in the extra-stressful seasons, that's for sure! And your new home sounds like it will be a great one to bring baby Rhys home to!

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