Create | February 2018 Goals

Word of the Year: Create. February 2018 monthly goals.

Goals. Sometimes it’s more fun to make the goals than to actually follow through with them. A lot of times, that’s how I feel. Sigh. The curse of a Type A. Lists, lists, organization, planning….that’s what is fun for me. But, I need to grow up. I need to become an adult. I need to be strong. I can be strong. I can do this. So, here are the goals I will create for this month (as well as a review of my goals from last month).

Word of the Year: Create. February 2018 monthly goals.

How I Did in January

  • Update all pages of blogI had put this on so many of my daily to-do lists, but it just never got done.
  • Blog twice a weekI blogged at least once a week this month.
  • Clean house every dayI say I was about 70% successful with this goal.
  • Cook at least 3 times a weekI did one week where I cooked three times in a row. But I cooked at least once a week.
  • Work out at least 3 times a week.I worked out at least once a week (which is more than December!!!)
  • Have a date with JustinYES!
  • Temple tripI was supposed to go with the Primary Presidency, but something happened and I wasn’t able to make it
  • Organize computerI had put this on so many of my daily to-do lists, but it just never got done.
  • Deep scrub houseI just barely finished on Saturday, but it’s completely done! I don’t have to do that again for 6 more months!
  • Read scriptures every day | I was about 75% successful with this
  • Go to all three hours of church every week | I did! Justin and the kids’ attendance was spotty because of sickness. I actually did miss one Sunday though because Evelyn was contagious with a fever and Justin had to teach Sunday School and Priesthood…so I stayed home. But I felt well enough to go….so I still consider that a success.
  • Create and prepare one Etsy print I created two, but I haven’t prepared them.


February Goals

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Create a Happier, Healthier Me

  • Lose weight–any amount of weight–this month
  • Workout at least three times a week
  • Stay motivated and on top of things
  • Get dressed every day

Create a Closer Relationship with God

  • Do my visit teaching
  • Read scriptures every day and make notes in my scripture journal

Create a More Intimate Marriage

  • Update Justin’s office pictures and give him a V-day care package for work
  • Go on a birthday/Valentine’s Day date

Create Adventure

  • Purchase Grapevine Mills Legoland & Aquarium season passes
  • Host Book Club
  • Host birthday Favorite Things Party

Create Big Savings

  • Plan when I eat out
  • Figure out taxes with freelancing and VIPKID
  • Make budget plan for the year

Create a Happy and Close Family

  • At least one structured FHE
  • Register Rhys for Pre-Kindergarten in the Fall

Create Talents and a Successful Blog Business

  • Create and organize etsy prints
  • Update blog pages
  • Blog twice a week.
What are your goals this month?

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