Currently | July 2017

This is going to be quite a busy month. I feel loads better physically and mentally than I did in June–it was a good break for me, not having any expectations of myself. But, I am revived and reinvigorated. I can’t wait for this month (and August so we can move and I can decorate and set up our new apartment already) to happen! So, not much different or exciting is currently happening, but here is what we’ve been up to!

Rhys Michael is now 3 years old!


Documenting | My kids’ lives on the blog, like Rhys’s 3rd birthday post. I’ve also been keeping my brother’s Instagram account alive with whatever pictures he’s been able to send while on his mission. VIPKid has also taken over my life–organizing the curriculum power points, assessment rubrics, parent feedback, and props for each class.

Accomplishing | My wish of being back in the classroom by doing a virtual one-on-one teaching program. Being happier and less stressed.

Enjoying | My family, especially my kids. The VIPKid classroom. The Texan rain and thunderstorms. NOT the heat or humidity!!!!!

Reading | YA books, Mormon books, book club books, VIPKid curriculum and training materials.

Spending | More money than I should on stuff that I don’t need–like daily Pepsis or little knick-knacks. Spending too many hours napping. But, I’m getting a bit better at that now that I feel better physically. Spending hours just watching, smiling, and enjoying my children. I love them so much. And it’s so fun to watch them now that Evelyn is more interactive with Rhys.

Justin is Currently…

Create a new reporting system for his entire company. They are so amazed at how much faster they can do their reports than they used to be able to–like hours/days faster! He is also being given more projects for other higher ups in the company to expand his exposure. He recently went to a conference for data analysts and other technical workers in Seattle hosted by Microsoft–he said he really had fun doing it. He is trying to stay away from sweets (although local root beers don’t count). Justin will be turning 28 on the 9th this month, and he is trying to come to terms with that, especially since he’s starting to thin in the back and getting more gray hairs in his beard and on his head. Tomorrow, we will be going on a birthday date. He is now also in charge of the kids in the morning before going to work so I can work with VIPKid.

I am Currently…

Do you have certain modesty standards? Do you have a mom body you aren't to particularly proud of? Is it a hot summer where you are from? Try this ensemble for the perfect ,modest go-to summer mom-bod outfit!

Teaching English to 5-12 year old Chinese kids through a program called VIPKids. My sister-in-law and a few friends work for this program. But, my SIL was the one that really pushed me to join, especially since I’ve been trying to up my freelancing job to help with the increase in rent we will be having once we move. Basically, I teach 25 minute pre-created lessons to whoever signs up anywhere between 6-7:30 am my time or 9-11 pm my time.

I am also working hard on trying to get caught up and ahead of blogging and free lancing. I’m trying to put my all back into the church and I have a goal of attending ALL three hours of the church all month long, as well as going to all weekly youth activities as I should since I work with the 14-15 year old girls.

Rhys is Currently…

Turning three years old! Holy cow! He loves his little sister and likes to play with her and help take care of her. He is fully potty trained during the day, Hallelujah!! He loves watching YouTube videos and playing PikMin. He also loves playing with his toys, reading books, and going to nursery at church.

Evelyn is Currently…

Crawling everywhere and trying to pull up on everything. She definitely wants to be on the move and keeping up with her brother. Evelyn prefers solids to bottles. She still isn’t sleeping through the night even though we took her out of our room and put her in her brother’s room. BUT, she is waking up anywhere between 3-5. And, if she wakes up at 5, sigh, she’s up for the day. She is still the happiest little girl ever.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

I also love this Maybelline #SuperStayMatteInk I got from Influenster in exchange for a review (**all thoughts and opinions are mine**). The two shades I got are absolutely beautiful and I feel I really look good with them. It makes me want to wear color on my lips almost every day! It definitely is easier to apply than their 24-hour lip stain. But, to be honest, I prefer that one. This new one doesn’t last as long and feels very dry but sticky after it dries if I don’t coat it with some sort of chapstick afterward. And, it very easily wipes off. But, I’d definitely recommend it for the variety of color. It’s still better than wax lipstick!

July 4th

July Fourth was different this year. Where we live there wasn’t near as much to do as there was in Utah. We didn’t go to any parades or big huge festivals. And, barely any houses were decorated. And, it was silent when we went to bed…we couldn’t hear any of the local fireworks. Having lived in Utah where the beginning of July is Independence Day and the end of the month is Pioneer Day, we were used to having so many fireworks and everyone using personal firecrackers at night. So, it was more quiet.

However, our ward did have a breakfast at a playground and a little bike parade led by one of the congregation “grandpas” in his three wheeled motor cart all decked out for Independence Day. I wish I got a picture of it!

Then, we went to a local kids’ celebration. There were free hot dogs and popcorn, a fire truck and police car to climb in, and multiple bounce houses. So, we were done with Independence Day by noon. But, it was still a good mornig that wiped us out.

Rhys’s birthday

On Saturday, we went to Toys R Us for a little “birthday party.” Rhys was able to get pictures with the Geoffrey Mascot, a Geoffrey stuffed doll, a Geoffrey book, a crown, a balloon, and a big coupon for a new toy. He chose another car.

On Monday, we took him to Barnes & Noble to get his birthday cupcake. He was so excited to have a huge chocolate cupcake to himself.

On his birthday (Wednesday), we kept singing happy birthday to him and telling him he’s three now and not a baby or little boy anymore. We also took away his pacy for good (Rhys has only been using it for naptime and bedtime the past year). It was rough but I think he is getting used to it now. Rhys got a present from Grandma in the mail and loved playing with it–it was a shape pattern mosaic toy. We made a birthday cake for him and he loved helping me make it. Tonight, Justin and Rhys are going to get some free birthday ice cream at Baskin Robbins on a daddy-son outing.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


    1. Thanks! It’s been good the past couple of weeks. And I love “darker” pinks! They just enhance my natural lip color without standing out as much as red would against my super pale skin!

    1. Oh there was fireworks, but we were too far away from the places they were doing them in the city centers and since we live in an apartment complex, there were no personal fireworks.

  1. This teaching program sounds like a great way to be able to do what you love, alongside everything else you’ve got going on! And yay for birthdays – so fun to celebrate with the little guys, isn’t it?

    1. I just feel bad on one point–I meant to so many times set up the Nick Jr Birthday Club call for him….he loves PAW Patrol and Bubble Guppies….but I kept forgetting. Oh well. He’s only three. He doesn’t care!

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