Currently | June 2017

currently june 2017

Well, this has been a month. And not in a good way. There have been so many fails this month. Sigh. But, that’s ok. I’m allowed a crappy month every once in a while. Because at least I have these two adorable goofballs to raise my spirits every day. So, here is what we are currently up to.


Planning | Spring cleaning. I’m still in the midst of deep scrubbing and going through everything to see if we should keep, donate, sell, or trash. I’m also planning to start teaching English to kids in China online. I’m also planning our move to another apartment complex in mid-August.

Wishing | We could visit Utah more often (but it costs so much). That the kids were older so we could do more exciting things with them (like go on the big roller coasters at Six Flags as a family) or have Rhys babysit Evelyn while Justin and I went on a date…eventually. Someone would come and do spring cleaning for me. Evelyn would sleep through the night. Rhys would stop pooing in his underwear.

Learning | how smart my children are. Seriously, it amazes me to see how fast they learn and grow every day. Learning I can be biblically and spiritually uplifted at other churches and not just mine.

Browsing | Online stores–just window shopping. The library shelves…putting more and more books on my “to read eventually” list.

Going | Nowhere. Justin will be going to Seattle for a work conference in a few weeks. Maybe I’ll take the kids to a few splash pads and parks.

Justin is currently…

Getting a lot of projects done at work…it’s starting to be their busy season. He’s also using his work gym to start working out again. Honestly, it’s kind of humdrum for Justin this past month: wake up, go to work, possibly work out, come home, eat dinner, play with kids, watch TV with me, go to bed.

currently june 2017

I am currently…

Suffering another bought of depression…but it’s also affecting me physically this time. Not only have I been lacking in interest and motivation in many things, but lacking in energy and strength. I’ve taken quite a few naps multiple days this month. I’m also getting worn with finances and potty-training Rhys, and just being home all day with two kids under three. I’m really wishing for a kid-free vacation.

currently june 2017

Rhys is currently…

Almost fully potty-trained. If he doesn’t have underwear on, he can tell when he’s about to go, and will pee or poo on the potty all by himself. However, if he has underwear and pants on, then we have to remind him to pee and he’ll most likely poo in his pants. So, most of the time, when we are just at home, he only wears a shirt. We typically only put underwear on him when we go out. He is also speaking more…still struggling with pronunciation, but he’s definitely talking more nad more every day. Rhys is also starting to pay more and more attention to Evelyn. He cares deeply about her and is fiercely protective of her. For instance, if someone calls her anything other than her name (like little princess or precious one) Rhys will say, “No, that’s Gigi” (Gigi is how he pronounces “Evie.”). However, he also gets annoed with her a lot and doesn’t necessarily like it when she touches him or his stuff.

currently june 2017

Evelyn is currently…

On the move! She’s officially rolling over both ways as well as scooting. And that means she’s starting to get into things she shouldn’t. She loves to reach for everything in her grasp. She also loves to eat her solids and will totally flip out if she sees you preparing it, but it isn’t already in her mouth. Evelyn absolutely adores Rhys and always wants to be touching him. She also loves everyone and smiles at total strangers. We are still working on getting her to sleep through the night. Her thighs are really chunky up! Holy cow! Evelyn will also talk your ear off if she’s in the right mood. We think that crawling isn’t too far away from happening.

currently june 2017

Sariah Rose’s Newborn Photo Shoot

I was given the opportunity to do a newborn photo shoot for the third child of a single mom in our church. I had so much fun taking pictures and editing them!

Favorite Things Party

I also hosted a favorite things party. Only four people came, but it was still a really fun party. We all had good conversations and enjoyed learning more about each other with our favorite things. I also made a delicious Eggo Waffle Ice Cream Taco Bar.

Flooded Apartment

One Saturday this month, as I was about to put Evelyn down to bed, I heard some water dripping. For a second I thought it was just the pipes in the walls signalling that our upstairs neighbor was probably in the shower. But, it got more consistant and apparent. So, Justin and I stepped into the bathroom to see if we could figure out where the water noise was coming from. We opened the cupboard above our toilet to see water dripping through it. Then, water started dripping through the vent in the ceiling. Then, our light fixture in our room. Then, the light fixture in the mud room. And more and more kept coming through…including through the walls. There was a ton of water on our floor now.

Long story short: our upstairs nieghbor’s toilet had been overflowing for hours and he was out of the house. We had to stay the night at a hotel while maitenance fixed the leak, vaccuumed up the water, ripped up the carpet to dry it out, and assess damages. On Monday, they came to replace our bathroom ceiling, fix up the holes and cracks in our bedroom ceiling, and re-lay carpet in our bedroom.

Thankfully, nothing was damaged….we just had a lot of dirty towel laundry to do.

Kubota Tractor Corporation Headquarters Family Open House

Kubota transferred its headquarters from LA to Grapevine, Texas…only 10 minutes from where we live. So, rather than going down 50 minutes to the Texas branch (which Justin had to do when we first moved here), he has a 10-minute commute to a brand new building. And, since winter conferences are now over, they hosted an open house to the family and friends of the employees.

I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of the actual building, but you can view it here and here. It really is a beautiful building. It’s very open and bright and clean with a lot of natural light. During the open house, they had a balloon artists, blow up slides, a petting zoo, and numerous company tractors and machines for the kids to play on. Rhys had an absolute blast.


Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • I’m glad that your flood didn’t end up causing any major damage!!

    • Me too! But thankfully, we had renter’s insurance! I’m more worried about spores/mold in the walls for health reasons than any personal items being destroyed.

  • Shulamith Webster

    My son had the hardest time figuring out poop. Underwear also through him off. When we’d go out I’d have him wear pants or shorts but with no underwear! It helped a bit. Also just time. Randomly it clicked but it took a few months. I think he was like 3.5 before I could truly say he was trained. Hang in there! My daughter is almost 3 now, and I’m not even considering training her til she’s begging me. I can’t do the stress again. 🙂

    • My husband suggested we try that! I think we will! I mean, he’s perfect at poo without underwear…so maybe that’ll help the transition because going commando is looser than wearing underwear.

  • Girl, I’m always thinking of you out in Texas! 🙂

    • Thanks! I miss everyone in Utah!

  • Gosh Tayler I think you’re super mom. My heart was thumping when I saw the flood heading, I am glad the damage was minimal.

  • Rhys looks like he hit a growth spurt! Wow!
    Prayer for you!!

    • He did! He just keeps on growing. I recently looked at pictures of him this time last year and he is SOOO much bigger!