Currently | March 2016

wishing, craving, going, wearing, learning

Oh my gosh! It’s only Day 2, and I’m super overwhelmed with the WordPress dashboard to get everything up and running properly and organized! Aaaah! But, let’s just jump right in with what I am currently up to!

Currently March 2016: wishing, craving, going, wearing, learning

Wishing I am wishing I knew more about WordPress! I’m wishing it was a bit warmer so Rhys wouldn’t have to wear a jacket anymore. I wished we had a second car. And…while I’m at it…I wish we had our own house, a great paying job, vacations galore, all the new blogging and electronic equipment, perfect health, etc. Oh, and that Trump does NOT become President.

Craving Pepsi and chocolate. But, I’m on my sugar fast this month. I’m also craving hamburgers, steak, and onion rings. …..Justin….date night?…..

Going To the local park, to the mall (just to walk around).

Wearing Mom clothes…but cute mom clothes! I’m layering, mixing and matching, wearing jewelry or scarves, etc. But, jeans. Definitely jeans.

Learning All about WordPress. I’m also watching Rhys learn about the world and it’s just so fun to watch him grow and explore!

What are you currently up to?


Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • I’m wishing that Trump doesn’t become president too! I feel like every single acquaintance I have thinks he’s ridiculous…so I’m like…HOW IS HE WINNING STATES?! I don’t get it at all. Apparently his supporters lurk in the shadows.


      I know, right?!?! It just sickens me! As a Mormon, as a history teacher, as an American citizen!

  • I’m with you on all the things wished. Especially the part about Trump. YIKES.


      I know, right?!?! I think that ANY of the candidates will be better than Trump!

  • Oh my gosh… I LOVE your new blog look!!!!! 🙂 It’s so pretty!!!


      Thank you! I love it too!

  • KrisTina

    Hopefully the kinks get worked out – I follow you through feedly and now that the transition to wordpress has happened it doesn’t pop up!


      Thanks! I’ll ask my developer about that!

  • Loving your new site!! Let me know if you have questions I can answer 🙂 And onion rings sound sooo good right now…


      Thank you so much! We should totally get onion rings together…or maybe, we could do a double date with hamburger and onion rings.

  • The few times I’ve experienced the WordPress stuff (for work, other blogs, etc.) I’ve been overwhelmed by it as well, but I kept considering switching because I knew I needed something better than blogger for my future plans. I’m glad I switched to Squarespace though. It took a bit of learning, but everything is so easy to find on their help section and it’s very user friendly


      I feel I’m getting the hang of the WP dashboard, and SEO is easier than I thought, with the Yoast app.

  • I feel like I am almost always craving chocolate! Yum. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for linking up!


      Thanks Jenna!