Designed By Chloe Headbands Are Adorable!

With big, curly hair and glasses, sometimes to look like I’ve actually gotten dressed and presentable, I have to wear not only big, dangling earrings, but also something in my hair. 
I have a ton of flowers and bows to clip in my hair, but sometimes, I also need something to decorate with. I can’t wear headbands because my glasses are in the way. So, my solution is to wear fabric or lace headbands.
But, the downfall to having thick, curly hair is that the fabric and lace headbands get stretched out easily and I then have to use bobbi pins to hold it in place.
Then, I saw this adorable shop on Etsy run by Chloe, a friend of mine. When I knew her, she was always doodling dress designs, so I am not surprised she opened an Etsy shop called Designed by Chloe and works with fabric now. She has the cutest fabric headbands! She is having a BOGO sale, so I thought, why not support her shop! 

Don’t I look awesome! The best thing about these type of headbands is the wide variety of ways you can wear them: on your forehead, or as an actual headband, hair down or hair up! But even better, I don’t have to use any bobbi pins to hold them in place! Chloe uses the right amount of elastic in the back that they stay secure in place but don’t give you a headache! They’re also wide enough that I can pull my bangs back, but they don’t look like funny stubs coming out the back.

Right now, she is doing an amazing BIG giveaway of these EIGHT headbands!
Top Left///Top Center///Top Right///Left///Right///Bottom Left///Bottom Center///Bottom Right
I’d definitely hit up on this! It’s an amazing deal!
Also, Chloe’s fall line is coming out soon.
Her headbands are $10 each and her BOGO sale is still currently going on select headbands.
She’s also generous enough to offer anyone coming from my blog 10% off their entire purchase using the code: WELCOME.
Check her out and come away pleased!

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