Discover May 2017 Goals

Discover is the word of the year. What are your May goals?

April was hard. Well, it wasn’t necessarily hard. It was sick and humdrum. Rhys got bronchitis, I got a really bad cold, Evelyn had an ear infection, and Justin has a bad sinus infection that is turning into an ear infection. Tot school was put on pause for quite a bit. There was a lot of TV and Wii-U. There was a lot of cleaning marathons. There was a lot food that shouldn’t have been eaten. Evelyn began a sleep regression.

But, it was also a good month. We went to Utah for Easter and to have Evelyn blessed. The weather has been nice, pretty much the same as March. Evelyn started scooting around. Rhys started adding verbs to his “sentences”. We started potty training and have been pretty successful. I got some new clothes that actually fit me well. We went to a Rangers game and Six Flags.

So, although goals may not have been focused on, there were many memories made–and that’s what is important.

Discover is the word of the year. What are your May goals?

Discover 2017 Yearly Goals

Discover My Family

I have been giving individual time to each child. I enjoy just watching them learn and grow. Rhys has been learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. Aside from his verbal delay, he is definitely ready for preschool. Evelyn is the happiest, most content girl, even if she still is waking up every 3-4 hours a night. She is right on cue for developmental milestones. I love watching Rhys and Evelyn’s relationship bloom. Rhys is protective of Evelyn and gets mad when people call her “princess” because her name is “Evelyn!” She loves to watch him all the time. Justin and I have gone on a date or two. But, we need to do more “us” time at night now that Evelyn is going down a bit better.

Discover My Faith

I am now working with the 12-13 year old girls in my congregation. There are only three of them, but I love each one and I love getting to know them better. I get to teach them two Sundays a month as well as plan weekday activities for them. I have started the New Testament, but sometimes scripture study is a bit difficult with two little kids on the bed with me. I have to find a time to seriously study scriptures. General Conference was also difficult this year with a baby and a toddler–I can’t wait to reread and study the talks when they come out. I went to a neighboring church out of sheer curiosity. It was definitely a very close-knit group, but with the flashing lights and smoke screen and the pastor wearing jeans and trying to crack jokes every now and then, I couldn’t really feel the spirit.

Discover Texas

We’ve gone to a lot of local parks and done quite a few local trails. We are so grateful to live near so many! I’ve been to a blogger event in a nearby community. I’ve taken more and more drives, figuring out different routes to places. We found a great candy and pop shop. We’ve gone to Six Flags as a family of four. Justin and I were able to go to a Rangers baseball game, courtesy of his work (Kubota Tractor Company has a box suite!!). We went to the grand opening of the Twisted Root Burger Company in our town. And, like I said above–I went to a neighboring church. We’ve even visited the Dallas LDS Temple.

Discover Myself

I’m getting happier and more content as the year goes on. I’m trying to figure out a balance of self-discipline and self-care. I’m trying to serve more and be more content and happy with my body. I am trying to grow my social media presence and come up with good content. But, I’m not worrying if I miss a day of posting. I’ve fallen away from my Etsy shop, but I really want to get reinvigorated with it. I feel more confident with freelancing, but am struggling to get more contracts.

How I Did in April

Discover Self-Discipline

Sugar only on weekends. | Yeah, that didn’t happen. I tried to justify it by saying “if” I worked out…yeah that didn’t happen either. But, I was eating better and lowering the amount of carbs I ate.

Workout 4 times a week. | Maybe once or twice a week. But, I made sure they were intense workouts.

Lower amount of carbs/starches I eat every day. | I was pretty successful with this except for the last two weeks.

Only buy necessities–talk with Justin before any purchase. | I was pretty good about this the first half of the month. I actually even gave Justin all my cards to hold on to so I couldn’t buy unnecessary stuff. But, then, after our vacation, it kind of fell apart.

Get ahead of blogging and freelancing. | I was ahead for the first two weeks, only.

Read at least 30 minutes at least 4 days a week. | I did pretty well with this…not as many books got read as I would’ve liked. But two is still good.

Discover Etsy Shop

Try Adobe Illustrator for a month. | No

Complete a learning course for Illustrator. | No

Create 5-10 prints/projects for the shop. | No

Get at least two sales this month. | No

Discover Religion

Take notes and pay attention to General Conference. | I did a little bit, but it was hard with a toddler and baby.

Create free printables with my favorite quotes from General Conference. | Didn’t happen

Give 110% effort to my calling working with the 12-13 year old girls in my congregation. | Perhaps 80%?

Read scriptures every day by myself and with Justin. | We were good the first half of the month…but haven’t since Easter!

Read one religious book this month. | I read one chapter of one…granted, that was 1/5 of the book, but….

Teach Rhys the true reason for Easter. | I did! I bought a book and read it to him a few times…I don’t think he quite caught on though…

May Goals

Discover Spring Cleaning

  • Deep clean and scrub entire apartment
  • Organize entire apartment
  • Do Goodwill run and figure out what things to try to sell
  • Clean out and wash both cars
  • Start searching for new apartments since our contract ends in August
  • Make checklist of necessary to-do list (like register car, get TX licenses, etc)

Discover Mental Spring Cleaning

  • Exercise 3x a week
  • Eat better
  • Get dressed with hair done and makeup 4x a week
  • Intentional scripture study every day
  • Get in touch with a therapist for anxiety and PPD
  • Have intentional time with Justin
  • Have more family outings and less electronics

Discover Online Spring Cleaning

  • Finish updating blog pages
  • Get ahead of blogging and social media
  • Get ahead of freelancing
  • Restock Etsy shop
  • Filter and spring clean my social media lists

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  1. great idea to keep track of your goals and be honest with yourself about them. Keep it up! And yeah…when one family member gets sick, it is like dominoes!

  2. Sounds like you have some great goals that are very well rounded. I love the “discover self” section! 🙂

  3. Your ups seemed to have outweighed the bit of down. You guys seemed to have really done a lot and explored a bit!!

    1. Well, we never really took advantage of Utah…we had kind of assumed we’d be there forever…so we didn’t take advantage of the 8 years we lived there….

  4. I love this post! What a great way to get focused for the month ahead. Looking forward to seeing how you tackle your new list of goals!

  5. These are such great post! I love the discover myself goal! I’ve known myself for over 30 years now and I feel like I still need to spend more time trying to figure out what I want now. Because what I want now differs from what I want 3 years ago before I had my kids.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

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