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There are many lessons about self-worth, self-identity, prejudice, and judging in Walt Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. It is a perfect family movie to learn from!

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a Disney Lessons post. So, I thought I would do one of Justin’s and Rhys’s favorite movies: Wreck-It Ralph! Justin absolutely loves this movie because it is about video games! He loves pointing out to me all the different references and Easter eggs in the movie. Rhys really loved the action and the characters, especially Ralph and Felix. He’ll do a “hulk-smash” movement for Ralph and mime a hammering motion for Felix. I love the movie not only because of the video game world, but also because of the lessons that are involved–it’s a great movie for children and adults alike. *Includes spoilers!*

There are many lessons about self-worth, self-identity, prejudice, and judging in Walt Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. It is a perfect family movie to learn from!

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For those of you who have never seen Wreck-It Ralph, here is the premise:

Appreciate Those Around You

Ralph is the Bad Guy in his game. But, that’s just his job, not his personality. However, the townspeople in his game hate him anyway. They treat him like a true villain where all he wants is to be accepted. Felix tries to play the mediator, but since he is the hero of the game, he is lauded as such. When Ralph leaves his game to try to prove he can be a good guy too, the game is put out of order. The townspeople are then scared out of their minds because their game could be unplugged. If they hadn’t treated Ralph poorly, he wouldn’t have left, and they wouldn’t be in that situation.

Vanellope is a glitch in her game of Sugar Rush (well, she is actually the princess of the game). So, the other racers treat her poorly and bully her. They won’t let her race at all. At the end, when Vanellope’s code is fixed and the other game characters remember who she is, Vanellope declares that anyone who was mean to her will be beheaded. Of course, she was just kidding, but those other racers were scared and crying. They probably regretted how they treated Vanellope.

Don’t Let Others Define You

Ralph feels labeled, and therefore, prejudiced against. He is a bad guy. He wants to change how they view him. Hence, the whole plot of the movie. He even goes to Bad Anon…a support group for bad guys. Although they believe they are stuck being bad guys because of the coding of the program and try to dissuade Ralph from trying to be a good guy, I still love their motto:

Vanellope is labeled as a glitch. Therefore, she is hated in her game as well. She isn’t accepted and can’t play or race in her game because the other characters fear that if she is chosen, it will ruin their game. But, what they don’t realize is that their coding was rewritten and they forgot she is actually one of the best racers and the princess of the game. This scene is actually really good to teach your kids why bullying is bad.

Also, it goes the other way. Those that may seem all sugar and sweet aren’t necessarily nice. The Sugar Rush racers are literally sugar and sweet, but they are bullies. Same is King Candy. He may seem silly and full of candy, but he is actually the villain–Turbo.

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Real Love Requires Action and Sacrifice

Ralph and Vanellope begin to get really close. Ralph helps Vanellope make a cart so she can race. But, when King Candy warns Ralph of what could happen if their game was unplugged because of her glitching, he says that everyone would be able to escape except for glitches–Vanellope. So, Ralph, in an effort to save Vanellope, destroys her cart. He sacrifices her friendship and respect. Although what he was doing came from concern, Vanellope didn’t see it as such, she just saw it as more prejudice against her and called him “a real bad guy.” He was hurt.

But, when Ralph finds out the truth (that if Vanellope passed the finish line, all the coding would be fixed), he begged Felix to help him rescue her out of prison. He again sacrifices his efforts of being a good guy and liked by promising to never attempt to do good again.

Then, at the very end, once Sugar Rush is overtaken by Cybugs, and everyone is escaping, and Vanellope can’t, Ralph decides to risk his life to save the game. If you die outside of your game, you are dead for good–you don’t regenerate. But, he was determined to sacrifice his life to save Vanellope’s.

Find Out Who You Are

Ralph wasn’t sure of who he wanted to be. His program said he was a bad guy, but he hated it. So, he went out to try to prove himself a good guy. He ended up in Sugar Rush with an annoying little glitch, Vanellope. He was pushed out of his comfort zone many times by her, especially when he was helping her to create a racing cart. He was afraid he would break everything, because that’s what he is only good at. But, Vanellope ended up absolutely loving her mess of a candy cart. With Vanellope trusting him, Ralph began to like himself. He began to believe in himself. After Sugar Rush, and more specifically Vanellope, was saved, he agreed to go back to his game as the bad guy. But, he didn’t feel like a bad guy anymore. He was proud of who he was because he knew he was liked and appreciated. So, he began to love himself.

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Seriously. That last line. Now excuse me while I go cry.

Also, Vanellope was always determined to be a racer. She believed she was…she could “feel it in my code.” And with all that determination, she was able to race and even beat King Candy. And, as Ralph explains in the final monologue, the kids love her, glitch and all.

Videogames Are Cooler Than You Think

When Justin and I first saw previews for this movie, we knew we would see it in theatres and also buy it. We love videogames! And we think that Disney did an astounding job with this movie. I mean the soundtrack is awesome, the gaming world is astounding, and the little hidden gamer jokes and references are so fun! I mean, just look:

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For those of you who have seen this movie, what other lessons can you think of? Why do you love this movie?

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  • Robin Rue

    You took some great lessons away from this movie. I loved this movie so much!

    • Thanks! It’s a great movie!

  • Lois C Shabazz

    This is too cute for words. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thanks, Lois! My husband was excited I wrote this post!

  • riotworsley

    This is so cute. Love love love! <3

    • Thank you! I love Disney!

  • I loved Wreck it Ralph. I agree with all of your lessons. I especially agree that it teaches you that it’s okay to find out who you are.

    • And that you should accept, not resign to, who you are…because there is good in everyone!

  • I’ve seen this movie at least 40 times! I love it! These are great lessons!

    • It’s one of the best! Justin has so many parts of it memorized! haha

  • Larissa Joassaint

    I did not want to watch this movie, but my friend convinced me to, and I am so glad she did! Wreck It Ralph is a great movie. And the most important part are the lessons that are taught!

    • I’m glad that you friend convinced you! It definitely was worth it!

  • Ohbeehave

    I have never seen this movie, but I think I’ll have to go watch it now. Love all the life lessons in it, the bit about having to sacrifice for things you love, finding out who you are and not letting others define you are all really important things to learn. I love it when Disney creates movies like this (and they’re not just for kids either!) 🙂

    • It is a great movie! If you have kids, definitely watch it with them!

  • Babies to Bookworms

    I love this! Such great lessons and such a fun movie. I love the part of the movie with the bad guy meeting!

    • We loved Bad-Anon! It’s so funny, but makes sense that there would be a bad guy support group!

  • Nazy Nazy

    How come I haven’t seen this movie?? …it sounds so fun with great lessons

    • You should totally rent it!

  • I love Wreck It Ralph and this article was a really neat way of interpreting the movie. It’d be neat to make a lesson plan for the kids using these points

    • I can totally see that being done during a citizenship or character lesson plan.

  • Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi

    I love Disney movies, they always have beautiful hystories and lessons to learn!

    • They really do! One of the reasons I’m still obsessed!

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    I never heard of Wreck It Ralph. Looks really cute. I don’t play video games but looks like fun.

  • Michelle Kneece Waller

    This is one of my most favorite movies. It is full of life lessons!

    • It’s such a great one!

  • One of my kids most favorite movies! Disney truly is the best with Pixar being right up there with them <3

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  • I loved Wreck-it Ralph! It was such a cute movie, and I adored these messages!

    • I LOVE watching it, especially with my husband and son!

  • I am a great fan of Disney movies because they are always a great combo of fun and amazing lessons as well. Thanks @themorrelltale:disqus for taking the time to write this post so nicely. Well done. (y)

    • Thank you! Disney will always have a place in our family.

  • Christina

    How adorable is this! I love lessons from disney movies!

  • this movie is SO GOOD! It’s one of our favourites here too 🙂

    • I don’t see why it isn’t everyone’s favorite!