eShakti is the BOMB!

When I first really got into blogging and networking, both eShakti and the Shabby Apple were having bloggers review their clothes and keep them! I loved the style that both of these shops had, but sadly never be able to have such adorable clothes to review (I could never afford them) because as blogs come, I’m pretty small.

Which is why it was such a wonderful surprise when eShakti emailed me (they emailed me) asking if I’d be willing to do a review for them. Of course I agreed!

I was first contacted around Thanksgiving and quickly chose my outfit–a denimish chambray shirt dress. I had customized the length of the skirt and the sleeves and quickly received it. I tore open the package and immediately tried it on. However, after having given birth, my post-partum proportions still weren’t the same as before. I couldn’t button up the bust, and it pulled on the hips. So, I sadly emailed eShakti and told them I’d have to return it.

Thankfully, they said they’d give me a replacement! So, I busted out the fabric measuring tape and had Justin take me guestimated measurements. I got the replacement dress earlier this week and couldn’t wait to try it on! And guess what? It fit perfectly! No pulling, no sagging. It fit like a glove…but still with room to actually move. As soon as I put it on, I noticed the best surprise of all: pockets! I love skirts and dresses that have pockets!

That is what is wonderful about eShakti. You can basically customize any dress to the length of skirts or sleeves, or give them your individual measurements, and they’ll make it to fit! They’re all about showing women that you don’t have to be a specific size to have cute, fashionable clothing fit you well. You can be any size and any proportion and have a dress (or shirt or skirt) specifically made for you!

And even better, eShakti is giving you, my readers, a discount! Use the coupon code “themorrelltale”  to get 10% OFF when you shop at eShakti – valid from 01/21/2015 – 02/21/2015.

Please note:
Code has to be entered in the ‘promotional code’ box.   It is not case-sensitive.  
Code can be used any number of times until the validity period. 
This discount code is not applicable on clearance / sale, gift cards & overstock categories.

Not applicable on previous purchases.

Have you ever bought or received a dress from eShakti? What was your experience like?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Eek! I LOVE the color and how you styled it, Tayler! It looks lovely on you!

  • Super adorable!! I love that you can customize it!

  • Great choice! And, aren't pockets the best? That was awesome that you got a replacement dress.

  • I love your choice! It looks great on you!

  • I think that's the best part!

  • Pockets are definitely the dress, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I could get a replacement dress.

  • Thanks, Britt!

  • That color is beautiful on you, and I love dresses with buttons all the way up and down. I haven't found eShakti all that expensive though–I subscribe to their newsletter, and with a combination of the sales and gift coupons that they send out randomly, the last dress I bought from them cost $13 including shipping.

  • You look so cute and I love all those buttons! So modest 🙂

  • Thanks! I love it!

  • Thank you, and that's good news!

  • adorable shape and look!!! you look fantastic and the navy is beautiful on you!

  • Thank you so much!

  • I can't really wear dresses most of the time, but I have been super curious about this company. The ability to customize is so appealing.

  • I love Eshakti! Most of my bridesmaids ended up getting their dresses from Eshakti. It's such a great deal for something custom-made!

  • I love that dress! Pockets are definitely the best part of eShakti!!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Your dress is fabulous and looks amazing on!! Eshakti is awesome!

  • I think it's a wonderful deal!

  • Thanks, Desiree!

  • Pockets are the best, PERIOD! =)